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Stevie Wonder's partners
Stevie Wonder's Partners Cameo.png
Lilly Singh as Stevie Wonder's partners with Wonder Woman
Cameo information
Birth name Yolanda Simmons
Melody McCulley
Karen Millard Morris
Tomeeka Robyn Bracy
Born Melody:
1957 (age 65)
1974 (age 48)
Physical description
Hair Various (group cameo)
Eyes Various (group cameo)
Based on
Stevie Wonder's Partners Based On.jpeg
Appearance information
Appeared in Wonder Woman vs Stevie Wonder
During Wonder Woman's third verse
Location(s) The Brady Bunch title sequence

Stevie Wonder's partners, consisting of Yolanda Simmons, Melody McCulley, Karen Millard Morris, Stevie Wonder's unidentified fourth partner, and Tomeeka Robyn Bracy, made a group cameo appearance in Wonder Woman vs Stevie Wonder. They were all portrayed by Lilly Singh.

Information on the cameo

Stevie Wonder's partners are wives and girlfriends that Wonder was previously in a relationship with or is currently dating. In the five partners that were depicted in the battle, Wonder only married Karen Millard Morris, but they divorced in August 2013. He is currently dating Tomeeka Robyn Bracy. In total, Wonder has nine children.

Appearance in the rap battle

They appeared during the line, "Nine different kids with five different mothers!", in The Brady Bunch title sequence. They were later pushed out by Stevie Wonder during the start of his third verse.


  • Since Stevie Wonder's unidentified fourth partner was unknown to the public, she was instead represented by Lilly Singh's mother character known as Paramjeet Singh, who Lilly has portrayed in a number of her own videos.