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The EpicLLOYD Friday Vlog, also called "EpicLLOYD's Hopefully It's Friday Vlog", is a series of videos created by EpicLLOYD similar to Nice Peter's Monday Show. In the vlogs, he updates people about his personal life, and occasionally talks about ERB, even stating in the first episode that he knew people were only going to watch the vlogs for updates concerning it.


Each vlog features a small segment or two. Each segment changes from each episode.

How Well Does EpicLLOYD Know His Wife?

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Lloyd's wife, Josie

The first episode featured Lloyd's wife, Josie Ahlquist, where they played a game to see how much he knew about her. In the end, he knew her fairly well, answering three out of five questions correctly.

Bad Tattoos

Lloyd shows bad tattoos he searched up online and describes them to show that even if someone thinks they have it bad, there is worse out there. He shows a "Tupacorn", "Centaur Patrick Swayze", and "fat Counting Crows guy went straight edge".

Writer's Room Floor

Lloyd reveals lines from previous ERBs that were close to making it in but were ultimately scrapped.

Joan of Arc:

I can't help but bring the heat, I'm a human firebomb,

You're a wreck on a ball, I wish a Jay-Z song was on!


Your obnoxious, preposterous songs sound like dog shit,

I was supporting my parents with music before you even knew you were adopted!

Adolf Hitler:

You're a far cry from defeating me with that desert butthole in carbonite,

So pucker up that triangle mouth and kiss my Dark Side!

The Heroin Show

In a nod to his running heroin joke from the Behind the Scenes, he goes over ideas for a show titled such, but the show not actually being about heroin. He goes over The Heroin Show: Female Heroes where he interviews Ellen Swallow Richards played by Mike Betette, The Heroin Show: Addiction where he goes to interview someone on their addiction to porn before quickly leaving, and The Heroin Show: Jack Heroin, Accountant about a man named Jack Heroin.

Fan Art

Lloyd shows various fan art of him; a picture of him all celestial like with various links to his accounts and the quote "balanced dis-tritious breakfast" by Winston Lewis, a screencap of Adolf Hitler with "ZEFAP ZEFAP ZEFAP ZEFAP" by Kyle Termini, and fanart of the music video "Pawn" by Donovan Bradley.

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