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Season 6
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The Joker vs Pennywise
The Joker vs Pennywise
Battle information
Release date November 23, 2019
Number 79
Views 43M
Length 4:03
Previous Vlad the Impaler vs Count Dracula
Next Thanos vs J. Robert Oppenheimer
Beat Information
Beat(s) Nuketown
BPM 70
Beat producer(s) Epistra Beats
Other information
Actors Nice Peter
Lilly Singh
Rappers The Joker In BattlePennywise In Battle
Cameos Justice League
Location(s) Comic books
Gotham City
Derry, Maine

The Joker vs Pennywise is the seventy-ninth installment of Epic Rap Battles of History and the eighth episode of Season 6. It features DC Comics supervillain and archenemy of Batman, the Joker, rapping against the titular antagonist of Stephen King's novel It, Pennywise. It was released on November 23rd, 2019.



Nice Peter as the Joker

EpicLLOYD as Pennywise


EpicLLOYD as Superman (reused footage)

Nice Peter as Batman (reused footage)

Lilly Singh as Wonder Woman (reused footage)


The Joker:

In my first appearance, the Bat was supposed to slay me,

But I can't be killed. That's why they cast a Phoenix to play me! (He-he!)

I'm the Harlequin of Hate, the Clown Prince of Crime.

You're a sewer troll that Stephen King wrote between his lines!

(Ha-ha-ha-ha!) It's like cocaine. You know what I said.

I don't know how any kind of joke could ever go over that head!

"They all float!" says the quote. But your films, they all sink.

Oh, and as far as Mr. King goes, I'm a Shining man. Wink! (Ha-ha-ha-ha!)

I make the Justice League look like just a bunch of super schlubs!

You lost to a herd of nerds who call themselves the Losers' Club!

You'll be gobbled up in Gotham, so stick to your small town

Where you're renowned as the "if it's brown, flush it down" clown!


Hiya, Jokie! You wanna rap?

Rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap! (Ha-ha-ha-ha!)

Oh, why so serious? You're supposed to be the man who laughs,

But those jokes were like your new movie: (aha!) mostly really sad.

Beep beep! You're a John Doe in my deadlights, and you're about to fall from a new height

'Cause you're weak and you've lost every fight to a knight who wears underwear over his tights! (Ha-ha-ha!)

I haunt nightmares and I'm ruthless!

This battle's like poker: the Joker is useless!

Winning's not in your cards! Call me Arkham Asylum, I'm crazy with bars!

Jack Nicholson played you just fine, but lately the casting's declined:

Jared Leto came out trying to look like he was Tekashi 6ix9ine!

So unless you've got a yummy younger brother, I think you'd better run

'Cause I've got 99 red balloons, bitch, and I dare you to take one!

The Joker:

Go back in your well, you giggling sewer ginger.

You lost to a turtle that wasn't even a ninja!

When I flow, I go Mark Ham with ill zingers!

I steal the show like Bob Kane stole from Bill Finger! (Ha-ha-ha!)

I spit acid, be wowed! Every joke of mine stings.

You're three night lights in a cloud beat by the kid from Stranger Things.

When I compare your antics to the fiendish schemes I revel in,

They pale, like the moonlight you can dance with the devil in.


Pennywise likes the devil, we have so much fun together,

But no one's dying to play with Joker, except for maybe Heath Ledger!

Puddin', you're an embarrassment, I'll beat you like you beat Harley Quinn.

That purple suit is something you should only see Steve Harvey in!

Ah, haha! I feast on your fears!

I'm the Derry, Maine attraction every 27 years.

But you know what? I have a secret. (Shh!) It's like a very special toy.

If you wanna kill a Batman, eat him when he's a boy.

The Joker:

Don't you lay a finger on my Bat, you little freak,

Or I will spend a whole week knocking out those prickle teeth! (He-he-he!)

Tell your author for his next gangbang scene:

How about a little more PG and a lot less 13?

Even I wouldn't stoop to that kind of impropriety!

This is Earth, you space demon. We live in a society! (Ha-ha-ha!)

I've seen your movies so I know you don't hurry,

But I'll shoo you down the drain so fast, they'll call you Tim Scurry!

Ask Robin if I drop bars! I take smiles and I leave scars!

Guards at Arkham will admit that the Joker just killed IT! (Ha-ha-ha!)


Arkham? Ha! You stole that from H. P. Lovecraft.

Who needs guards when you couldn't even escape Cesar Romero's mustache.

You jester, I'm Montresor, about to make you my Fortunato,

And seal this battle up like it was the Cask of Amontillado!

(Woo!) I spit January ember flames! (Woo!) You got beat by the Scooby Gang. (Woo!)

I'm the John Wayne of John Wayne Gacys, the underground Clown Posse, my flow's Insane!

I'm the poster boy for missing person posters, Joker's gonna float with me

'Cause he just messed with the best wall-eyed rapper since the Notorious B.I.G.! (Wu-ha-ha!)




  • This battle is the most-viewed battle of Season 6.
  • At 3:45, right before the announcer says "of History!", J. Robert Oppenheimer can be seen on a TV screen alongside Thanos with his signature Infinity Gauntlet, previewing their appearances a month before their battle's release.
    • This is the first battle to show a preview for a future battle in the outro sequence before the credits.
  • This is the fifth battle to involve the horror genre, after Stephen King vs Edgar Allan Poe, Jack the Ripper vs Hannibal Lecter, Freddy Krueger vs Wolverine, and Vlad the Impaler vs Count Dracula.
    • This is the third battle to be in Season 6, after Freddy Krueger vs Wolverine and Vlad the Impaler vs Count Dracula.
  • This is the fifth longest rap battle to date, with an overall rapping time of 3:20.
    • This is also the third longest 1 vs 1 battle. At the time of this battle's release, it was the longest 1 vs 1, until it was overtaken by Harry Potter vs Luke Skywalker.
  • This is the second battle of Season 6 to have clowns as rappers, after Ronald McDonald vs The Burger King, where the Burger King incidentally references Pennywise.
  • This is the eleventh battle where both characters are fictional.
    • It is the first battle where both characters are the main antagonists of their respective franchises.
  • This is the first battle of which both rappers are directly related to previous ones from two separate earlier installments of ERB.
  • The thumbnail for the behind the scenes video, as well as the battle's album cover, both have Pennywise on the right with the Joker on the left, while the main video's thumbnail has their positions reversed.
  • The Joker's voice actor in Batman: The Animated Series and numerous other Batman media, Mark Hamill, liked tweets by EpicLLOYD and a fan about this battle.
  • Lasting over a week, this battle has the second longest period of time between its audio release and its video release, after Gandalf vs Dumbledore.
  • In a livestream from ERB2 channel, Lloyd mentioned this is his favorite battle.[1]


  • This battle was written in conjunction with members of the ERB Patreon. Patrons in the "Writer" and "Director" tiers on Discord were able to submit lines for the rappers, which were then incorporated into the battle.
  • Two different demos of the battle can be accessed on the ERB Patreon.[2][3]


  • The Joker's dance seems to be reminiscent of the staircase dance scene in Joker (2019).
  • In the title card, Pennywise reveals himself behind a bundle of balloons just like It did multiple times in both adaptions of It.
  • During the latter half of Pennywise's first verse, its face opens up to reveal its rows of teeth accompanied by three Deadlights in the form of Pennywise's heads swirling in the center, which is a visual reference to the 2017 and 2019 adaptations where It performs this action multiple times to incapacitate its victims.
  • In the middle of the the Joker's second verse, his background is filled with "HA"s in white bold font. This may be a reference to a famous panel from the graphic novel, Batman: The Killing Joke, where the Joker loses his mind.
    • At 3:04, the Joker holds a camera up to his face; this is a reference to the cover art of the graphic novel.
  • During the line "That purple suit is something you should only see Steve Harvey in!", Pennywise can be seen dancing like It did in the 2017 movie adaptation of It, which became an internet meme.
  • During the line "I feast on your fears", Pennywise rattles towards the screen, just like It did several times in the 2017 movie adaption of It, as a means of a jump scare.
  • During the line "I'm the John Wayne of John Wayne Gacys, the underground Clown Posse, my flow's Insane", Pennywise reveals multiple legs and has its upper body grow considerably, a reference to the 2019 adaption of It, in which It takes on the appearance of a giant spider, with Its clown head and torso intact.
  • At the end of Pennywise's third verse, Its eyes move slightly outwards to the sides, a reference to Bill Skarsgård's portrayal of the character, which included Pennywise doing it multiple times through the 2017 and 2019 films.


  • In the thumbnail and cover art, part of the Joker's ear is transparent.
  • In the thumbnail, the flower in the Joker's suit is black.
  • In the Twitter and Facebook banner, part of the Joker's hair has a hole in it.
    • In the Facebook banner, part of Pennywise's hair is cut off and part of his body next to the Joker is cut off.
  • The Joker can occasionally be seen with his yellow flower on the wrong side of his suit.
  • Throughout the entire video, the Joker can be seen with see-through holes in his suit, as well as a blue hue around his body. This is due to the blue screen used to film him reflecting on the Joker's purple suit.
    • In the behind the scenes video, Peter talks about how they tried to fix the coloring issue by filming on a green screen or a red screen. When these presented different problems (such as the green mixing with the Joker's hair and the red interacting with his face), they settled on the blue screen, with the necessary fixes being done in the editing process.
  • At multiple points in the battle, the Joker's arms are revealed to be skin-colored, which would be considered inaccurate to most classic depictions of the character, including the Batman: The Animated Series version which this battle's version of the character is largely based on.
  • During the line, "I don't know how any kind of joke could ever go over that head," the word "know" is missing from the subtitles.
  • At 3:12, "Montresor" is misspelled as "Montressor".
    • In the same line, "Fortunato" is misspelled as "Fortunado".
  • At 3:24, the words "clown" and "posse" should be capitalized, as they represent American rap group Insane Clown Posse.
    • Likewise, at 3:25, the word "insane" should also be capitalized for the same reason.
  • At the end of the credits, as the Joker exits the frame, a part of his head is cut off.

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