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The O'Reilly Factor
The O'Reilly Factor.png
Bill O'Reilly and John Lennon on The O'Reilly Factor
Rap battle information
Appeared in John Lennon vs Bill O'Reilly
Character(s) Bill O'Reilly
John Lennon
Release date September 22, 2010 (censored)
September 26, 2010 (uncensored)
Times appeared 1
Based on
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The O'Reilly Factor is where Bill O'Reilly rapped in John Lennon vs Bill O'Reilly. John Lennon also briefly appeared here in his second verse and O'Reilly's first verse.

Information on the location

The O'Reilly Factor (originally titled The O'Reilly Report) was an American talk show aired on the Fox News Channel. It was hosted by spokesman and commentator Bill O'Reilly, reporting on current events in politics and discussing political issues with his guests. The show first aired on October 7, 1996. In September 2009, the show was the number one cable news show for 106 weeks. Over the years, many famous political figures and celebrities have appeared on the show. On April 21, 2017, the final episode aired after O'Reilly was fired from the Fox News Channel for several sexual harassment lawsuits made against him.

Appearance in the rap battle

This was the location where Bill O'Reilly rapped. Near the end of John Lennon's second verse, Lennon stepped through the news window and faced O'Reilly to tell him to "shut the fuck up".


  • Some logos and parts of the show have been parodied in the battle.
    • The O'Reilly Factor's logo has in the battle been replaced by "The O'Really Factor", a pun on "oh, really?". 
    • The FOX News Channel logo has been replaced in the battle by "Not News".
    • The news ticker headlines during the battle read: 'California passes bill legalizing crime if it "looks cool enough".' and 'Study shows that 65% of Americans would rather not participate in this study…maybe some other time.'
    • This is the first location to have its title altered.
      • This is the only location to have its title altered into something not related to the series.
  • It is the first location to be shared by all rappers during the battle.