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The Terminator

The Terminator Title Card.png EpicLLOYD as the Terminator

The Terminator as Announcer.jpg Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator

Character information
Full name T-800 Cyberdyne Systems Model 101
Nickname(s) T-101
Resistance Infiltrator Prototype T-850 Model
The Guardian
First appearance October 26, 1984
The Terminator
Physical description
Hair Brown (artificial)
Eyes Blue (artificial)
Red (optical sensors)
Based on
The Terminator Based On.png
Rap battle information
Appeared in Terminator vs Robocop
Vs RoboCop
Release date June 22, 2015
Official vote(s) 72% (Old poll from ERB Website)
Location(s) ESI Steel
A black background (as the announcer)

It's Judgment Day, baby. Hasta la vista!
— The Terminator

The Terminator battled RoboCop in Terminator vs Robocop. He was portrayed by EpicLLOYD and later by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the form of the announcer.

Information on the rapper

The Terminator (full designation Terminator T-800 Cyberdyne Systems Model 101) is an android that was first created alongside other Terminator models by an artificial intelligence system called Skynet after the apocalyptic event known as Judgment Day in order to hunt down the human survivors and resistance that have survived it.

At some point in the future, the human resistance won a major victory against Skynet, leading the defeated Skynet to send a T-800 back in time in a later failed attempt to assassinate Sarah Connor in 1984, before her son John Connor was born, the latter being the future leader of the human resistance, whose life the Terminator was tasked with extinguishing so that Skynet wouldn't be defeated in the future.

Conversely, the resistance sent a second T-800 to do the opposite of what the first Terminator was doing, that being trying to protect a young John Connor in 1995, this time from the more advanced T-1000, the latter of which was sent to kill John Connor before he could become the resistance leader. Unlike its predecessor, this T-800 succeeded in accomplishing what it was programmed to do, but at the cost of it sacrificing itself so that Skynet wouldn't be created.

The Terminator was portrayed in all of the Terminator films by Austrian-American actor, 38th Governor of California, and former bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger, with the exception of the fourth film, Terminator Salvation.


Verse 1:

Wrong. I have detailed files on the conclusion of your trilogy.

That movie failed Detroit worse than the automotive industry!

I am T-800 Cyberdyne Systems Model 101,

And I'll be sweeping up your robo-bits like paperclips when I'm done!

My rapping attack is a massive dispatch of bazookas and gats and grenades

That rapidly bashes your brains and dismantles that puny pea shooter that fits in your leg!

We're not the same! You peel away my perfect skin, you find super computers!

You look like Krang wearing a cold press juicer!

They left off your balls when your suit was created!

"I still love you, Alex." Bullshit! Your sex life is terminated!

Based on my detailed analysis of the lyrical structure of battle raps,

It's time for your next shit verse, and then…I'll be back!

Verse 2:

I'll punch through your face hole and rip out your vocal cords,

Then mail your space helmet back to Geordi La Forge!

Verse 3:

Chill out, dickwad. Your emotions are wrecking your flow!

I couldn't find a decent rhyme in your line if I was in search mode!

You're too slow! I blow more steam through machines than a barista!

It's Judgment Day, baby. Hasta la vista!


  • The Terminator is the second robot to rap.
    • However, he is the first android.
  • He was previously mentioned during HAL 9000's verse in Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates when HAL said the line, "Hasta la vista, like the Terminator told ya."
    • This makes him the tenth rapper to appear after being mentioned in a previous battle.
  • He is the eighth rapper associated with time-travel.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger made a cameo appearance as the Terminator during the announcer's ending sequence, making him the first movie character to be played by their official actor.
  • He is the second/third rapper whose head is not turned towards the camera in their respective cover art, after Alfred Hitchcock and alongside RoboCop.