The Underworld
The Underworld
Zeus in the Underworld
Rap battle information
Appeared in Zeus vs Thor
Character(s) Zeus
Release date November 24, 2014
Times appeared 1
Based on
The Underworld Based On

The Underworld was where Zeus rapped during his third verse in Zeus vs Thor.

Information on the location

In Greek mythology, the Underworld was a dark hell-like place where departed souls were transported following death, juxtaposed to the shimmering glory of Mount Olympus and being its gloomy counterpart. Five rivers ran through the Underworld, representing emotions associated with death: the Styx (the most famous, representing hatred), the Acheron (pain), the Lethe (forgetfulness), the Phlegethon (fire), and the Cocytus (wailing). The Entrance of the Underworld contained several emotions and feelings such as Anxiety and Hunger as well as many monsters and an Elm tree where False Dreams bind themselves to every leaf. Those that enter carry a coin beneath their tongue as remittance to the ferryman of the Underworld, Charon, to transport them across the river, where they met Cerberus and those who would judge their final destination. Tartarus for the wicked (hell), the Fields of Asphodel for the average (purgatory), and the luxurious Elysium for those who were illustrious, successful or had close ties with the Gods. The Underworld was ruled over by the Greek god Hades, as well as his wife, Persephone, during the winter months.

Appearance in the rap battle

Constructed from Lego bricks, this is where Zeus finishes his third verse. He arrives when Thor breaks the floor and Zeus falls through. At the end of the battle, Cerberus makes a cameo appearance.

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