Thermopylae Pass
Thermopylae Pass
Leonidas on the Thermopylae Pass
Rap battle information
Appeared in Master Chief vs Leonidas
Character(s) Leonidas
Queen Gorgo
Release date January 31, 2012
Times appeared 1
Based on
Thermopylae Pass Based On

Thermopylae Pass is where Leonidas rapped in Master Chief vs Leonidas. It is also where the Spartans, Queen Gorgo, and Pleistarchus made their cameo appearances.

Information on the location

Thermopylae, or Θερμοπυλες Thermopyles in Greek, meaning "Hot Gates", is primarily known for the battle that took place there in 480 BC, in which an outnumbered Greek force of around seven thousand held off a substantially larger force of Persians of around 70,000 – 300,000 under Xerxes. An estimated three thousand Greeks remained in the pass after most of the army retreated.

For three days, they held out between two narrow cliff faces before being outflanked on the third day via a hidden goat path named the Anopaea Pass. According to the Greek legend, a traitor named Ephialtes of Trachis showed the path to the invaders. The following was written by Simonides on the monument: "Oh stranger, tell to the Lacedaemonians (Spartans), that we lie here, obedient to their words." This has been known as one of the greatest last stands in human history.

Appearance in the rap battle

This is the location where Leonidas rapped, and also where the Spartans, Queen Gorgo, and Pleistarchus made their cameo appearances. The Spartans could be seen here throughout Leonidas' first verse, as well as other parts of the battle. Gorgo briefly appeared here during Master Chief's first verse after he said, "Took a campaign to your house and showed your Queen my plasma cannon!" Pleistarchus later appeared here during Leonidas' second verse when he said, "Ha! I've had better battles with my six-year-old son!", and, "I'd look you in the eyes, but you're too much of a bitch to show your face!"

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