• Hello Iamlegion, I am here to ask about the lyrics that you promised to get me for my upcoming battle.

    May I please ask how the lyrics are coming along and if you have a time frame for completing them.

    thanks in advance


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    • how's by the 3rd sound

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    • ok boss!

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    • today is the 3rd how are the lyrics coming along.

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    • Stoker:

      Do you want to see a monster, Mary?

      Not a patchwork man. Something really scary.

      Though I suppose my fabled work's threaded, pieces forever

      But I convey more emotion in a receipt than you did altogether

      Don't go in the basement! Uh, it's a little drafty, I say to ya.

      I'm already the Last Man. You've brought nothing to Transylvania.

      Unless you want to sink like your bae, run and hope I've missed ya

      I care not for you, but be a darl and get me a line to your sister ;)

      dracula is coming along a little harder

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    • I see

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    • cool, i take this as your first verse and start writing

      rememeber the 2nd verse is both stoker and dracula together.

      like stoker summons dracula 4 lines in, 

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    • yeah i remember

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    • be sure to include "I'm still popular because people like my huge boobies," that's a pivotal plot point in Dracula

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    • Giphy3
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    • Mary Shelley (1st Verse 8Lines):

      Oh come on Abe, is that all you got, you Irish prick!

      Put down your books, as you're rapping against a chick.

      When rapping against MC Shelley, you're a waste of space.

      You're only known for one book, why do you need a bookcase?

      Go take your crappy novels back to your boyfriend, Henry Irving.

      You may have a butler, but I be the one doing the serving.

      I be the bride in Italy, while you be in the bridal of death.

      Your surname is the reason behind your last dying breath.  here is shelley first verse is you need any disses.i need lyrics asap please.

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    • Bram Stoker:

      It goes like this: I'm after the Blud of this Crip

      Whose legacy solicits a diss - The Bride and Uwe Boll flicks!

      Put a sock in your forced plot, make you scream "RAP FIRE BAD!"

      To perish your Nazi Tepes will start, see, Drac is back!

      Count Dracula:

      You can count on it! We're way past Twilight!

      I'll put the Evil Dead back into its coffin, all Ash-like

      The Doctor made Hell's thing and I made Hell sing!

      Went under in hedonism with my harem while Adam hates drowning!

      Don't go citing mythology when you can't keep a setting

      Don't keep beasts Greek, but that's better than the audience guessing

      You look like a rotten Hulk, Doc needs glasses if he thinks It's ALIIIVE

      And you're the pre-Modern Prometheus, right? Then bring fire.

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    • gg!

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    • A FANDOM user
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