• I think there should be Slender Man vs Jack the Ripper

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    • Well, here's some ideas I came up with:

      Troy Bolton vs. Jean Valjean (aha, remember me now?)

      Lord Horatio Nelson vs. Nick Fury

      Sgt. John Spartan vs. The Demoman

      Marie Curie vs. Jane Goodall

      Karl Marx vs. Sir Tim Berners-Lee (if you must know, people who create revolutions and dictators)

      And I support Ash Ketchum vs. Charles Darwin, Austin Powers vs. James Bond, PSY vs. LMFAO (but NOT vs. Kim Jomg-Un), Katniss Everdeen vs. Joan of Arc, Muhamed Ali vs. Mike Tyson, Leonardo DaVinci vs. Leonardo DiCaprio & Alexander the Great vs. Ivan the Terrible.

      And I STILL need competitors for Kaiser Wilhelm II, Sir David Attenborough & The Go-Compare Man , plus any Asian dictator EXCEPT a North Korean one would be splendid.

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    • Just had an idea...

      KAISER WILHELM II vs. Sun Tzu

      Warmongers, West vs. East Should be a good idea

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    • Paul McCartney


      Harry Styles

      Percy Jackson


      Harry Potter

      Atilla The Hun


      Ivan The Terrible



      Alexander The Great




      Da Vinci





      Sun Tsu

      JRR Tolkien


      JRR Martin

      Mickey Mouse


      Bugs Bunny

      George Washington


      Sir John A MacDonald(First PM of Canada)



      Jack Sparrow

      Iron Man


      Captain America

      Issac Newton


      Galeleio (Something or Other)

      Alex Trebec


      Pat Sajac

      Charlie Chaplin


      Mr Bean

      Lyndon Johnson


      Michael Johnson

      Steve Nash


      Steve Carrel

      Zachary Thomas 


      Zac Efron

      Kim Cambell(First woman PM of Canada)


      Hilary Clinton

      Taylor Swift


      Miley Cyrus

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    • Really?

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    • Altair or Ezio vs John Wilkes Booth

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    • Isn't that a mouthful?

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    • Johnny Cash vs Eminem (legends in different music genres, The Man in Black vs The Slim Shady)

      Mao Zedong vs Fidel Castro (communits/dictators, East vs West)

      Jack Sparrow vs Captain Hook (pirates, good pirate vs evil pirate, if possible, cameo appearance by Captain Morgan)

      Ronald McDonald vs Colonel Sanders (food battle, McDonalds vs KFC, cameo or third party apparance by The Burger King)

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    • Jesse James vs Billy the Kid (both are notorious gunslingers of the old west)

      Michael Jordan vs Magic Johnson (both are basketball players with the initials MJ)

      Sylvester Stallone vs Arnold Schwarzenegger (both are well known actors in action movies)

      Rocky Balboa vs Muhammed Ali (movie boxer vs real boxer)

      Agent J(MIB) vs Captain Steven Hiller(Independence Day) (both are in alien invasion movies and are played by Will Smith)

      Captain Kirk vs Captain Picard (both captained the Starship Enterprise in Star Trek)

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    • @AWC

      Jesse James vs Billy the Kid...perfect suggestion!

      MJ vs Magic....good idea but i'd prefer lebron or kobe  vs MJ

      Stallone vs Arnold...nah, Id prefer Jackie Chan vs Arnold...Stallone could have battled Stalin but its impossible now

      Agent J vs Steven Hiller....No...Will Smith himself should appear in a battle, not any of his characters...

      Cpt. Kirk vs Capt Picard... Cpt Kirk already used, so no.....

      Nice brainstorming though.....

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    • Left 4 Speed vs Left 4 Speed

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    • wtf?

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    • trollolololol

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    • Sun Tzu rules!

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    • Reviving threads that are dead for over a year rules.

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    • w00t let me into the forums

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    • Great Wall of China vs Great Gatsby tho

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    • What about Alexander the Great? Lol

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    • A FANDOM user
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