USS Enterprise
USS Enterprise
Spock on the USS Enterprise
Rap battle information
Appeared in Christopher Columbus vs Captain Kirk
Character(s) Spock
Release date October 10, 2011
Times appeared 1
Based on
USS Enterprise Based On

The USS Enterprise is where Spock made one of his cameo appearances in Christopher Columbus vs Captain Kirk.

Information on the location

The Starship Enterprise, otherwise known as the Enterprise or USS Enterprise (United Federation of Planets designation NCC-1701), is the name of several fictional spacecrafts, some of which are predominant settings of the main crew in the Star Trek universe.

The very first craft christened Enterprise was a Warp-5-capable prototype built in the 22nd century and flown under the command of Jonathan Archer, designated NX-01. Future versions were given the designation NCC-1701, with the first two vessels commanded by James T. Kirk in the 23rd century, the third one by John Harriman in the late 23rd century, the fourth one by Rachel Garrett in the early 24th century, and the last two by Jean-Luc Picard in the 24th century as well.

Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry took the name "Enterprise" from several vehicles in US military service, notably warships and aircraft carriers of his day. The first US Space Shuttle was also named Enterprise by fans of the show in 1976, which was later retconned into Star Trek canon as the basis for the name.

Appearance in the rap battle

The original USS Enterprise, along with Spock, appeared briefly when Captain Kirk said the line, "Mr. Spock, beam me back to 1492 so I can beat this man like it's my…job. We'll see how Isabella likes my…captain's log."



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