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Full name Ronald Bilius Weasley
Nickname(s) Amont
The Worst of All Time
Born June 5, 1999 (age 21)
Dothan, Alabama
YouTube Channel bro why
Physical description
Hair Neon orange
Eyes I don't have eyes. I wear glasses
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Appeared in My review website
As Some dude that has trash opinions lol
Excuse me, I'm here for the porn! Oh, God, never mind!
— Ron Jeremy
yo where the fuck did amont go?
— Everyone

yo waddup lol

Jello, it is I! The dude that is barely active on here and is centering their entire personality around that fact lmao. Anywho, Amont is my wiki name, or you can call me Alex if you prefer. I don't mind either way tbh lol. The first ERB I ever saw was Batman vs Sherlock Holmes, and I've been a fan ever since. I'm a shitposter, and I'm proud of it lmao. Somebody's gotta keep this barren wasteland of a wiki alive I've ran a couple fanmade serieses here and there, but none of them are particularly notable lol. I'm easily one of the worst writers on this site, and I'm okay with that. As long as I'm having a good time, it shouldn't matter. Outside of the wiki, I'm a musician! Not a very good one, but still! Follow me on Spotify here if you'd like. I have an album out called Goode Grief that I released on October 9th! You can find it on most streaming services here. New music coming soon!

~ I stutter. Not entirely sure why, but it happens lol ~ Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds is the only band ~ Guy Fawkes vs Che Guevara is bad and no one can convince me otherwise ~ I am hopelessly addicted to pizza rolls, and it's very likely going to lead to me dying at a young age ~ Here's a link to a short film I made in high school, but don't click it if you like watching good things. This is definitely not that ~ Came out as non-binary in a Discord server earlier this year. They/them is prefered, but I won't hold it against you if you stick with he/him <3 ~ I've had two hernias before, and I'm anxiously awaiting the completion of the trilogy ~ I have not been genuinely happy since 2016

This list is purely based on memory lol. I might have left a few out, but it's fine.

Amontgomery1432 Title Card.png

ERB Winners (In my Opinion):

BillO'ReillyInBattle.pngDarth Vader In Battle.pngAbraham Lincoln in Battle.pngSarah Palin in Battle.pngKim Jong-il in Battle.pngLudwig Van Beethoven in Battle.pngAlbert Einstein in Battle.pngGenghis Khan In Battle.pngNapoleon Dynamite in Battle.pngBilly Mays in Battle.pngVince Offer in Battle.pngDumbledore In Battle.pngDoctor Seuss in Battle.pngThe Cat In The Hat In Battle.pngThings 1 & 2 In Battle.pngMr. T in Battle.pngCaptain Kirk In Battle.pngEpicLLOYD In Battle.pngAdolf Hitler In Battle.pngLeonidas In Battle.pngWilbur Wright In Battle.pngOrville Wright In Battle.pngYoung Michael Jackson In Battle.pngMichael Jackson In Battle.pngCleopatra In Battle.pngSteve Jobs In Battle.pngFrank Sinatra In Battle.pngMitt Romney In Battle.pngDoc Brown In Battle.pngClint Eastwood In Battle.pngBatman In Battle.pngRobin In Battle.pngMoses In Battle.pngAdam In Battle.pngGandhi In Battle.pngNikola Tesla In Battle.pngBabe Ruth In Battle.pngMozart In Battle.pngMikhail Gorbachev In Battle.pngVladimir Lenin In Battle.pngDarth Vader In Battle 3.pngAl Capone In Battle.pngJoan of Arc In Battle.pngPablo Picasso In Battle.pngMuhammad Ali In Battle.pngDonald Trump In Battle.pngJ. P. Morgan In Battle.pngKanye West In Battle.pngThe Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come In Battle.pngWalter White In Battle.pngGoku In Battle.pngStephen King In Battle.pngBill Nye In Battle.pngNeil deGrasse Tyson In Battle.pngWilliam Wallace In Battle.pngLeonardo (Artist) In Battle.pngDonatello (Artist) In Battle.pngMichelangelo (Artist) In Battle.pngRaphael (Artist) In Battle.pngPeter Venkman In Battle.jpgRay Stantz In Battle.jpgEgon Spengler In Battle.jpgWinston Zeddemore In Battle.pngRomeo Montague In Battle.pngJuliet Capulet In Battle.pngThor In Battle.pngHannibal Lecter In Battle.pngEllen DeGeneres In Battle.pngAlfred Hitchcock In Battle.pngQuentin Tarantino In Battle.pngBill S. Preston In Battle.pngTed "Theodore" Logan In Battle.pngDavid Copperfield In Battle.pngRoboCop In Battle.pngNietzsche In Battle.pngSocrates In Battle.pngVoltaire In Battle.pngJulius Caesar In Battle.pngJim Henson In Battle.pngKermit the Frog in battle.pngDeadpool In Battle.pngGeorge R. R. Martin In Battle.pngJulia Child In Battle.pngFrederick Douglass In Battle.pngAustin Powers In Battle.pngBruce Jenner In Battle.pngCaitlyn Jenner In Battle.pngAlexander the Great In Battle.pngFrederick the Great In Battle.pngCatherine the Great in battle.pngDonald Trump in Battle 2.pngCharles Darwin in Battle.pngStevie Wonder in Battle.pngWayne Gretzky in Battle.pngTheodore Roosevelt In Battle.pngNice Peter In Battle 2.pngElon Musk In Battle.pngWolverine In Battle.pngGuy Fawkes in Battle.pngWendy In Battle.pngJoan Rivers In Battle.pngRobin Williams In Battle.pngSteve Irwin In Battle.pngMother Teresa In Battle.pngVlad the Impaler In Battle.jpegPennywise In Battle.pngJ. Robert Oppenheimer In Battle.pngJoe Biden In Battle2.pngHarry Potter In Battle.png

Pete v Lloyd Tally:

ERB Best to Worst (imo):

The Joker vs Pennywise.jpgHarry Potter vs Luke Skywalker Art 2.jpgJames Bond vs Austin Powers Alternative Cover.pngJack the Ripper vs Hannibal Lecter.pngMichael Jordan vs Muhammad AliTheodore Roosevelt vs Winston Churchill.pngShaka Zulu vs Julius Caesar.pngZeus vs Thor.pngDeadpool vs Boba Fett.pngMozart vs Skrillex.pngThanos vs J. Robert Oppenheimer.pngBlackbeard vs Al Capone.pngCleopatra vs Marilyn Monroe.pngElon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg.pngBruce Lee vs Clint Eastwood.pngGordon Ramsay vs Julia Child.pngGeorge Carlin vs Richard Pryor.pngDonald Trump vs Hillary Clinton.pngSteven Spielberg vs Alfred Hitchcock.pngBabe Ruth vs Lance Armstrong.pngAsh Ketchum vs Charles Darwin.pngGoku vs Superman.pngAlexander the Great vs Ivan the Terrible.pngJim Henson vs Stan Lee.pngMother Teresa vs Sigmund Freud.pngEastern Philosophers vs Western Philosophers.pngWonder Woman vs Stevie Wonder.pngBarack Obama vs Mitt Romney.pngMichael Jackson vs Elvis Presley.pngJacques Cousteau vs Steve Irwin.pngDonald Trump vs Joe Biden.jpgRomeo and Juliet vs Bonnie and Clyde.pngEinstein vs Stephen Hawking.pngRonald McDonald vs The Burger King.pngTony Hawk vs Wayne Gretzky Alternate Cover.pngLewis and Clark vs Bill and Ted.pngStephen King vs Edgar Allan Poe.pngFreddy Krueger vs Wolverine.jpgBruce Banner vs Bruce Jenner.pngGhostbusters vs Mythbusters.pngJ. R. R. Tolkien vs George R. R. Martin.pngSteve Jobs vs Bill Gates.pngGandhi vs Martin Luther King Jr..pngHitler vs Vader 2.pngTerminator vs Robocop.pngRick Grimes vs Walter White.pngNice Peter vs EpicLLOYD 2.pngRasputin vs Stalin.pngDavid Copperfield vs Harry Houdini.pngVlad the Impaler vs Count Dracula.pngBob Ross vs Pablo Picasso.pngMoses vs Santa Claus.pngSir Isaac Newton vs Bill Nye.pngMario Bros vs Wright Bros.pngMaster Chief vs Leonidas.pngNapoleon vs Napoleon.pngHitler vs Vader 3.pngDonald Trump vs Ebenezer Scrooge.pngFrank Sinatra vs Freddie Mercury.pngDoc Brown vs Doctor Who.pngBilly Mays vs Ben Franklin.pngArtists vs TMNT.pngDarth Vader vs Hitler.pngBatman vs Sherlock Holmes.pngGandalf vs Dumbledore.pngMr. T vs Mr. Rogers.pngAdam vs Eve.pngNice Peter vs EpicLLOYD.pngJohn Lennon vs Bill O'Reilly.pngFrederick Douglass vs Thomas Jefferson.pngJustin Bieber vs Beethoven.pngOprah vs Ellen.pngColumbus vs Captain Kirk.pngGuy Fawkes vs Che Guevara.jpegGeorge Washington vs William Wallace.pngNikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison.pngSarah Palin vs Lady Gaga.pngGenghis Khan vs Easter Bunny.pngDr. Seuss vs Shakespeare.pngAbe Lincoln vs Chuck Norris.pngMiley Cyrus vs Joan of Arc.pngHulk Hogan and Macho Man vs Kim Jong-il.png

Battles I've Guested In:

  1. Intrudgero98 vs Hoagy (as TheSteelerNation2)
  2. IISuperwomanII vs Jenna Marblez (as Jenna Marblez)
  3. Cerberus vs Scooby-Doo (as Courage the Cowardly Dog)
  4. Robin Williams vs Lucille Ball (as Robin Williams, verses one and two)
  5. Charles Manson vs The Zodiac Killer (as The Zodiac Killer)
  6. Fifth Wiki Rap Tournament - Round 1, Battle 1 (as myself, against TKandMit)
  7. Harry Truman vs Godzilla (as Godzilla)
  8. The Days of the Week Royale (as Thor)
  9. Rainbow Royale (as Winnie the Pooh/Xi Jingping)
  10. Mike Pence vs Bert & Ernie (as parts of both)
  11. Jill Sadelstein vs Howard Ratner (as parts of both)
  12. Ninth Wiki Rap Tournament - Round 1, Battle 8 (as myself, against JakeTheManiac)
  13. Ninth Wiki Rap Tournament - Round 2, Battle 3 (as myself, against LemonCore)
  14. Ninth Wiki Rap Tournament - Round 2 Bonus (as myself, against Dark Cyan)

My Battles:

I've done fanmades of my own. Most of them are completely and utterly god-awful, but they exist ig

Non-Battle Bullshit:

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