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  • I live in your local community dumpster
  • I was born on June 5
  • My occupation is I eat a lot, if that counts
  • I am a potato
Danny spider-man
Actor information
Full name Ronald Bilius Weasley
Nickname(s) Amont
The Worst of All Time
Born June 5, 1999 (age 21)
Dothan, Alabama
YouTube Channel bro why
Physical description
Hair Neon orange
Eyes I don't have eyes. I wear glasses
Appearance information
Appeared in My review website
As Some dude that has trash opinions lol
Excuse me, I'm here for the porn! Oh, God, never mind!
— Ron Jeremy
yo where the fuck did amont go?
— Everyone

yo waddup lol

Jello, it is I! The dude that is barely active on here and is centering their entire personality around that fact lmao. Anywho, Amont is my wiki name, or you can call me Alex if you prefer. I don't mind either way tbh lol. The first ERB I ever saw was Batman vs Sherlock Holmes, and I've been a fan ever since. I'm a shitposter, and I'm proud of it lmao. Somebody's gotta keep this barren wasteland of a wiki alive

I've ran a couple fanmade serieses here and there, but none of them are particularly notable lol. I'm easily one of the worst writers on this site, and I'm okay with that. As long as I'm having a good time, it shouldn't matter. Outside of the wiki, I'm a musician! Not a very good one, but still! Follow me on Spotify here if you'd like. I have a currently untitled EP and an album called In the Book in production at the moment, so stay tuned for that

~ I stutter. Not entirely sure why, but it happens lol

~ Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds is the only band

~ Guy Fawkes vs Che Guevara is bad and no one can convince me otherwise

~ I am hopelessly addicted to pizza rolls, and it's very likely going to lead to me dying at a young age

~ Here's a link to a short film I made in high school, but don't click it if you like watching good things. This is definitely not that

~ Came out as non-binary in a Discord server earlier this year. They/them is prefered, but I won't hold it against you if you stick with he/him <3

~ I've had two hernias before, and I'm anxiously awaiting the completion of the trilogy

~ I have not been genuinely happy since 2016

This list is purely based on memory lol. I might have left a few out, but it's fine.

Amontgomery1432 Title Card

ERB Winners (In my Opinion):

BillO&#039;ReillyInBattleDarth Vader In BattleAbraham Lincoln in BattleSarah Palin in BattleKim Jong-il in BattleLudwig Van Beethoven in BattleAlbert Einstein in BattleGenghis Khan In BattleNapoleon Dynamite in BattleBilly Mays in BattleVince Offer in BattleDumbledore In BattleDoctor Seuss in BattleThe Cat In The Hat In BattleThings 1 &amp; 2 In BattleMr. T in BattleCaptain Kirk In BattleEpicLLOYD In BattleAdolf Hitler In BattleLeonidas In BattleWilbur Wright In BattleOrville Wright In BattleYoung Michael Jackson In BattleMichael Jackson In BattleCleopatra In BattleSteve Jobs In BattleFrank Sinatra In BattleMitt Romney In BattleDoc Brown In BattleClint Eastwood In BattleBatman In BattleRobin In BattleMoses In BattleAdam In BattleGandhi In BattleNikola Tesla In BattleBabe Ruth In BattleMozart In BattleMikhail Gorbachev In BattleVladimir Lenin In BattleDarth Vader In Battle 3Al Capone In BattleJoan of Arc In BattlePablo Picasso In BattleMuhammad Ali In BattleDonald Trump In BattleJ. P. Morgan In BattleKanye West In BattleThe Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come In BattleWalter White In BattleGoku In BattleStephen King In BattleBill Nye In BattleNeil deGrasse Tyson In BattleWilliam Wallace In BattleLeonardo (Artist) In BattleDonatello (Artist) In BattleMichelangelo (Artist) In BattleRaphael (Artist) In BattlePeter Venkman In BattleRay Stantz In BattleEgon Spengler In BattleWinston Zeddemore In BattleRomeo Montague In BattleJuliet Capulet In BattleThor In BattleHannibal Lecter In BattleEllen DeGeneres In BattleAlfred Hitchcock In BattleQuentin Tarantino In BattleBill S. Preston In BattleTed &quot;Theodore&quot; Logan In BattleDavid Copperfield In BattleRoboCop In BattleNietzsche In BattleSocrates In BattleVoltaire In BattleJulius Caesar In BattleJim Henson In BattleKermit the Frog in battleDeadpool In BattleGeorge R. R. Martin In BattleJulia Child In BattleFrederick Douglass In BattleAustin Powers In BattleBruce Jenner In BattleCaitlyn Jenner In BattleAlexander the Great In BattleFrederick the Great In BattleCatherine the Great in battleDonald Trump in Battle 2Charles Darwin in BattleStevie Wonder in BattleWayne Gretzky in BattleTheodore Roosevelt In BattleNice Peter In Battle 2Elon Musk In BattleWolverine In BattleGuy Fawkes in BattleWendy In BattleJoan Rivers In BattleRobin Williams In BattleSteve Irwin In BattleMother Teresa In BattleVlad the Impaler In BattlePennywise In BattleJ. Robert Oppenheimer In Battle

Pete v Lloyd Tally:

ERB Best to Worst (imo):

The Joker vs PennywiseJames Bond vs Austin Powers Alternative CoverJack the Ripper vs Hannibal LecterMichael Jordan vs Muhammad AliTheodore Roosevelt vs Winston ChurchillShaka Zulu vs Julius CaesarZeus vs ThorDeadpool vs Boba FettMozart vs SkrillexThanos vs J. Robert OppenheimerBlackbeard vs Al CaponeCleopatra vs Marilyn MonroeElon Musk vs Mark ZuckerbergBruce Lee vs Clint EastwoodGordon Ramsay vs Julia ChildGeorge Carlin vs Richard PryorDonald Trump vs Hillary ClintonSteven Spielberg vs Alfred HitchcockBabe Ruth vs Lance ArmstrongAsh Ketchum vs Charles DarwinGoku vs SupermanAlexander the Great vs Ivan the TerribleJim Henson vs Stan LeeMother Teresa vs Sigmund FreudEastern Philosophers vs Western PhilosophersWonder Woman vs Stevie WonderBarack Obama vs Mitt RomneyMichael Jackson vs Elvis PresleyJacques Cousteau vs Steve IrwinRomeo and Juliet vs Bonnie and ClydeEinstein vs Stephen HawkingRonald McDonald vs The Burger KingTony Hawk vs Wayne Gretzky Alternate CoverLewis and Clark vs Bill and TedStephen King vs Edgar Allan PoeFreddy Krueger vs WolverineBruce Banner vs Bruce JennerGhostbusters vs MythbustersJ. R. R. Tolkien vs George R. R. MartinSteve Jobs vs Bill GatesGandhi vs Martin Luther King Jr.Hitler vs Vader 2Terminator vs RobocopRick Grimes vs Walter WhiteNice Peter vs EpicLLOYD 2Rasputin vs StalinDavid Copperfield vs Harry HoudiniVlad the Impaler vs Count DraculaBob Ross vs Pablo PicassoMoses vs Santa ClausSir Isaac Newton vs Bill NyeMario Bros vs Wright BrosMaster Chief vs LeonidasNapoleon vs NapoleonHitler vs Vader 3Donald Trump vs Ebenezer ScroogeFrank Sinatra vs Freddie MercuryDoc Brown vs Doctor WhoBilly Mays vs Ben FranklinArtists vs TMNTDarth Vader vs HitlerBatman vs Sherlock HolmesGandalf vs DumbledoreMr. T vs Mr. RogersAdam vs EveNice Peter vs EpicLLOYDJohn Lennon vs Bill O&#039;ReillyFrederick Douglass vs Thomas JeffersonJustin Bieber vs BeethovenOprah vs EllenColumbus vs Captain KirkGuy Fawkes vs Che GuevaraGeorge Washington vs William WallaceNikola Tesla vs Thomas EdisonSarah Palin vs Lady GagaGenghis Khan vs Easter BunnyDr. Seuss vs ShakespeareAbe Lincoln vs Chuck NorrisMiley Cyrus vs Joan of ArcHulk Hogan and Macho Man vs Kim Jong-il

Battles I've Guested In:

  1. Intrudgero98 vs Hoagy (as TheSteelerNation2)
  2. IISuperwomanII vs Jenna Marblez (as Jenna Marblez)
  3. Cerberus vs Scooby-Doo (as Courage the Cowardly Dog)
  4. Robin Williams vs Lucille Ball (as Robin Williams, verses one and two)
  5. Charles Manson vs The Zodiac Killer (as The Zodiac Killer)
  6. Fifth Wiki Rap Tournament - Round 1, Battle 1 (as myself, against TKandMit)
  7. Harry Truman vs Godzilla (as Godzilla)
  8. The Days of the Week Royale (as Thor)
  9. Rainbow Royale (as Winnie the Pooh/Xi Jingping)
  10. Mike Pence vs Bert & Ernie (as parts of both)
  11. Jill Sadelstein vs Howard Ratner (as parts of both)
  12. Ninth Wiki Rap Tournament - Round 1, Battle 8 (as myself, against JakeTheManiac)
  13. Ninth Wiki Rap Tournament - Round 2, Battle 3 (as myself, against LemonCore)
  14. Ninth Wiki Rap Tournament - Round 2 Bonus (as myself, against Dark Cyan)

My Battles:

I've done fanmades of my own. Most of them are completely and utterly god-awful, but they exist ig

Non-Battle Bullshit:

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