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^Will I ever wrap up TDERB?


Total Drama ERB
The Rizachulous Race (Old Episodes) Trailer

Curry Up, Already Part 1Curry Up, Already Part 2Russian Head FirstWhatcha China Do?Pain Olympics

The Rizachulous Race

Curry Up Already, Part One • Curry Up Already, Part Two • Putin In Effort • Land of the Rising Sun • Pain Olympics • Ripper a New One • Powerful Bonds • Annie Karaoke • Little Italy • Thor Better or Worse • Dragon Along • Tropic Thunder • Pucker Up, Stanley Cup • No Spain, No Gain • Hotel California • France France Revolution • Wurst of the Wurst • Where Dreams Come True

Season 1: Pre-Merge Pilots, Rivers, and Bad Kanye West JokesWright Wing BrothersThe Dynamic Do-OverApoca-RickYou Might PassCooking With ChemicalsI'm Feeling LuckyYou're in the Wrong NeighborhoodShakespeare Dat AssPretty the FoolHigh Heroes in a Half ShellAvengers
Season 1: Post-Merge Mass DurbateNeil Before MeShocking TruthRussian RouletteParting the CompetitionAt Least Lee TriedNo Shit, Sher-botTour de ChanceWho Will Go Fuhrer?History Repeats Itself
Season 2: Pre-Merge (CANCELLED) Another Pilot, Eh?The Boulder and the BeautifulerGhosts With The MostNerds of WarcraftLast ResortWinfrey Some, Lose SomeResu-LecterBut Wait, There's More!Direct Contact


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