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RIP Stan Lee

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Why hello, there. The name's Captain Warrior, but you can call me CW. I am such a huge fan of ERB as they are my favorite YouTubers. I enjoy watching sports like American football, basketball, and baseball. My favorite TV show is currently The 100. I enjoy making edits on this wiki, and I only do it to help out. If you need to talk to me with anything, feel free to contact me here.

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My ERB Suggestions:

Spider-Man vs Tarzan

James Brown vs Ray Charles

Serena Williams vs Tiger Woods

Dorothy vs Alice

George Washington Carver vs Milton Hershey

Simon Bolivar vs Franklin D. Roosevelt

Weezer vs Coldplay

The Beatles vs The Rolling Stones

Martin Luther vs Niccolo Machiavelli

Hercules vs Beowulf

P.T. Barnum vs Evel Knievel

My fanmade suggestions:

Frank Zappa vs Rob Zombie

Selena Gomez vs Ariana Grande

Mark Twain vs Marco Polo

Vincent Van Gogh vs Claude Monet

Dale Earnhardt vs Amelia Earhart

Here are some suggestions that I would like to see as an ERB (in no particular order):

Fidel Castro vs Mao Zedong

Andy Warhol vs Vincent van Gogh

Adam Smith vs Karl Marx

Three Musketeers vs Three Stooges

Bob Marley vs Bob Dylan

Pablo Escobar vs Tony Montana

Tom Brady vs Pele

Beach Boys vs Beastie Boys



Fanmade Series

Rivalry Rap Battles
Season 1 Nas vs Jay ZJoe Frazier vs Muhammad AliJohn D. Rockefeller vs Andrew CarnegieKaty Perry vs Taylor SwiftMichael Jordan vs LeBron James
Off-Season Coming Soon!

My old rap battle series:

Season 1

1. Tarzan vs Spider-Man

2. Morgan Freeman vs Betty White

3. Ronald McDonald vs Colonel Sanders

4. Bob Marley vs Johnny Cash

5. Slender Man vs Count Dracula

6. Mike Tyson vs Iron Man

7. Pac-Man vs Sonic the Hedgehog

8. Will Smith vs Bruce Willis

9. Simon Cowell vs Gordon Ramsay

10. Harry Styles vs Paul McCartney

11. Rebecca Black vs Madonna

12. Walt Disney vs Seth Macfarlane (Season 1 Finale)

Season 2

1. Michael Jackson vs Justin Bieber

2. 50 Cent vs Flo Rida

3. Eminem vs Gandhi

4. Muhammad Ali vs Rocky Balboa

5. Snoop Dogg vs Charlie Sheen

6. Easter Bunny vs Santa Claus

7. Bach vs Macklemore

8. Alfred Hitchcock vs Steven Spielberg

9. Salvador Dali vs Vincent van Gogh

10. Amelia Earhart vs Neil Armstrong

11. Mao Zedong vs Fidel Castro

12. Usain Bolt vs Michael Phelps (Season 2 Finale)

Season 3

1. Bear Grylls vs Steve Irwin

2. Sylvester Stallone vs Arnold Schwarzenegger

3. Shaka Zulu vs Crazy Horse

Here are my user battles:

1. Me vs Nick

2. Me vs Wachow

3. Me vs Phil

4. Me vs Loygan

5. Me vs Four

6. Me vs Wachow 2

7. Me vs Dragon

8. Me vs Phil 2

9. Me vs Dexter

10. Me vs Phil 3 (the final one)

11. Me vs Meat

12. Me vs Four 2

13. Me vs Mr A (ft Cacola)

14. Me vs Phil (remake)

My Tourney Battles:

1. Sonic the Hedgehog (me) vs Rainbow Dash (Lasse)

2. Epic Meal Time (me) vs Jenna Marbles (Sierra)

3. The Terminator (me) vs Wolf O'Donnell (Fire)

4. Iron Man (me) vs Robocop (Fire)

5. Mario (me) vs Sonic (Phil)

5. Count Dracula (me) vs The Joker (TK)

6. Me vs Tiger (Official Tourney Battle)

7. Me vs Gir (Official Tourney Battle)

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Epic Rap Battles of CW
Season 1 Cesar Chavez vs Oskar SchindlerHannibal Barca vs Attila the Hun

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Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Bonus Battles



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Here are some polls that I decided to make so go ahead and vote:

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Goodbye from my page.
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