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  • I live in HK
  • My occupation is a fucking weeb
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Some of me fav characters except Jotaro
Character information
Birth name Gabriel Tsang T. S.
Nickname(s) Gabriel
Trash teen (死廢青)
Toxic dick (死毒撚)
Fucking weeb
Born 16 October 2000 (age 19)
Hong Kong
Died I will never die >:DDDD
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Dark brown
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Here's Gabby!
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Appeared in Life
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Release date Every day
Official vote(s) 666%
Location(s) I'm at home <3

Greetings, the name's Gabriel Tsang (曾) T. S., but it is best to call me Gabriel or Gab. I am a Hongkonger, like Teddy. I am afraid of talking to strangers in public and being alone is fine sometimes actually ;~;. I'm 187 cm and 60 kg. Me Engrish no good me make grammar mistaeks.

How do I discover ERB:

I was a fan of the Annoying Orange back when it was relevant in 2011 or something. One of its videos was a spoof video is titled "Epic Rap Battles of Kitchenery". A habit of mine is to check out the things they parodied. So I searched "Epic Rap Battles...". The first suggestion pops out reads "Epic Rap Battles of History". The first ever ERB I've ever watched was Justin Bieber vs Beethoven, I loved the flow, but didn't really dug up the lyrics precisely that time. I watched all the other Season 1 battles within a week, a couple of weeks later, Hitler vs Vader 2 was released, and I watched the BTS first, without realising a new battle was out, I subscribed to the ERB channel regardless. Around February(?), I saw Master Chief vs Leonidas, and I liked it. Shortly after Mario Bros vs Wright Bros released I was hoping ERB will release another battle, and they did! I became a fan of the series after that. The gap between Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates and Frank Sinatra vs Freddie Mercury was boring as fuck, but the hype train arrived when I googled "ERB" for some random reasons. I clicked on Google images and saw an image of the real Freddie Mercury, without knowing who he actually was. I clicked the image, leading me to this wiki, and then HOLY FUCK! I SAW THE AUDIO FOR THE BATTLE AND I LISTENED TO IT! Since then I became a member of this wiki to get hints.

ERB is the best YouTube channel out there, it changed my life. I used to hate history, it was boring to me, yet my dad loves it and I got annoyed by that. But ERB uses a fun and interesting way to describe history with catchy flows and memorable lines, this made me become a history lover. Heck, I even like humming tunes and rapping when a historical dude was mentioned at school, and promoting series to my peers. It has been an inside joke around my gang, and they always cracked me up. History is now a subject I have chosen as an elective one, despite not being that good at it.

John Lennon In BattleDarth Vader In BattleAbe Lincoln In BattleLady Gaga In BattleKim JongBeethoven In BattleStephen Hawking In BattleEaster Bunny In BattleNapoleon Dynamite In BattleBen Franklin In BattleDumbledore In BattleThe Cat in the Hat in BattleMister Rogers in BattleChristopher Columbus In BattleNice Peter In BattleAdolf Hitler In Battle 2Master Chief In BattleMario In BattleLuigi In BattleElvis Presley In BattleCleopatra In BattleSteve Jobs In BattleFreddie Mercury In BattleAbe Lincoln In Battle 2Tenth Doctor In BattleFourth Doctor In BattleBruce Lee In BattleSherlock Holmes In BattleDr. Watson In BattleSanta Claus In BattleChristmas Elves In Battle 1Christmas Elves In Battle 2Christmas Elves In Battle 3Adam In BattleGandhi In BattleNikola Tesla In BattleBabe Ruth In BattleMozart In BattleVladimir Lenin In BattleDarth Vader In Battle 3Boba Fett In BattleAl Capone In BattleJoan of Arc In BattleBob Ross In BattleMuhammad Ali In BattleJ. P. Morgan In BattleWalter White In BattleGoku In BattleStephen King In BattleIsaac Newton In BattleGeorge Washington In BattleLeonardo (Artist) In BattleDonatello (Artist) In BattleRaphael Sanzio da Urbino in BattleMichelangelo (Artist) In BattlePeter Venkman In BattleRay Stantz In BattleEgon Spengler In BattleWinston Zeddemore In BattleRomeo Montague In BattleJuliet Capulet In BattleThor In BattleHannibal Lecter In BattleEllen DeGeneres In BattleQuentin Tarantino In BattleMeriwether Lewis In BattleWilliam Clark In BattleHarry Houdini In BattleTerminator In BattleConfucius In BattleLao Tzu In BattleSun Tzu In BattleJulius Caesar In BattleWalt Disney In BattleBoba Fett In Battle 2J. R. R. Tolkien In BattleGordon Ramsay In BattleThomas Jefferson In BattleAustin Powers In BattleBruce Banner In BattleFrederick the Great In BattleDonald Trump in Battle 2Ash Ketchum in BattleStevie Wonder in BattleWayne Gretzky in BattleTheodore Roosevelt In BattleEpicLLOYD In Battle 2Mark Zuckerberg In BattleFreddy Krueger In BattleChe Guevara In BattleWendy In BattleRobin Williams In BattleJacques Cousteau In BattleMother Teresa In BattleVlad the Impaler In BattlePennywise In BattleJ Robert Oppenheimer In Battle


King Henry VIII In Battle

FITPHHCON PewDiePieBurger King Based On65px

(Left to right, top to bottom)

Eastern Philosophers vs Western PhilosophersElon Musk vs Mark ZuckerbergJames Bond vs Austin PowersJim Henson vs Stan LeeRasputin vs StalinGandhi vs Martin Luther King, Jr.The Joker vs PennywiseBlackbeard vs Al CaponeMother Teresa vs Sigmund FreudSir Isaac Newton vs Bill NyeMichael Jordan vs Muhammad AliGeorge Carlin vs Richard PryorTheodore Roosevelt vs Winston ChurchillSteve Jobs vs Bill GatesThanos vs J. Robert OppenheimerJack the Ripper vs Hannibal LecterHitler vs Vader 2Donald Trump vs Hillary ClintonMichael Jackson vs Elvis PresleyShaka Zulu vs Julius CaesarStephen King vs Edgar Allan PoeLewis and Clark vs Bill and TedGoku vs SupermanDeadpool vs Boba FettJacques Cousteau vs Steve IrwinSteven Spielberg vs Alfred HitchcockHitler vs Vader 3Bruce Lee vs Clint EastwoodBabe Ruth vs Lance ArmstrongFrank Sinatra vs Freddie MercuryGuy Fawkes vs Che GuevaraRick Grimes vs Walter WhiteWolverine vs Freddy KruegerGhostbusters vs MythbustersMozart vs SkrillexMaster Chief vs LeonidasBarack Obama vs Mitt RomneyNapoleon vs NapoleonEinstein vs Stephen HawkingZeus vs ThorCleopatra vs Marilyn MonroeAlexander the Great vs Ivan the TerribleDr. Seuss vs ShakespeareRomeo and Juliet vs Bonnie and ClydeMario Bros vs Wright BrosMoses vs Santa ClausMr. T vs Mr. RogersDarth Vader vs HitlerBatman vs Sherlock HolmesNikola Tesla vs Thomas EdisonTony Hawk vs Wayne GretzkyGordon Ramsay vs Julia ChildGenghis Khan vs Easter BunnyNice Peter vs EpicLLOYD 2Abe Lincoln vs Chuck NorrisJustin Bieber vs BeethovenAsh Ketchum vs Charles DarwinVlad the Impaler vs Count DraculaColumbus vs Captain KirkBilly Mays vs Ben FranklinGeorge Washington vs William WallaceArtists vs TMNTRonald McDonald vs The Burger KingDonald Trump vs Ebenezer ScroogeDoc Brown vs Doctor WhoTerminator vs RobocopDavid Copperfield vs Harry HoudiniBob Ross vs Pablo PicassoNice Peter vs EpicLLOYDJohn Lennon vs Bill O&#039;ReillyWonder Woman vs Stevie WonderFrederick Douglass vs Thomas JeffersonMiley Cyrus vs Joan of ArcOprah vs EllenAdam vs EveBruce Banner vs Bruce JennerJ. R. R. Tolkien vs George R. R. MartinGandalf vs DumbledoreHulk Hogan and Macho Man vs Kim Jong-ilSarah Palin vs Lady Gaga

Epic Rap Gabriel of History

  1. Alex Hirsch vs Samuel Morse
  2. Waluigi vs Joseph Mulhattan
  3. Tojo Hideki vs Carrie Lam
  4. Weeb-ness out of this WORLD
  5. I suggested this in an episode of the Monday Show, and Peter said it was "deep"
  6. Keikaku Doori
  7. The atomic number is 26
Alex Hirsch vs Samuel Morse coverWaluigi vs Joseph Mulhattan coverTojo vs Lam coverTbaTbaTbaTba


  • Otto von Bismarck vs Margaret Thatcher
  • Mao Zedong vs Fidel Castro
  • Mr. Bean vs Charlie Chaplin
  • Charles Dickens/R. L. Stine vs Roald Dahl
  • Vincent Van Gogh vs Andy Warhol
  • Karl Marx vs Adam Smith
  • The Beatles vs N. W. A.
  • John Rockefeller vs Warren Buffet
  • Shigeru Miyamoto vs Hayao Miyazaki
  • Nelson Mandela/Malcolm X vs Maximillen Robespierre


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