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  • I live in A Zombie Apocalypse
  • I was born on June 22
  • My occupation is Cement Truck Driver
  • I am An Eggplant

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Jella141, better known simply as Jella or Jamahl, is a trusted and active user at the Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki.

Information on the user

Jella first discovered the Epic Rap Battles of History series in 2011 while searching up funny videos on YouTube. In the related videos section, he saw something that immediately caught his attention; it was a thumbnail of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking with the words "rap battle" in the title. Jella was instantly intrigued to know what it was about, so he clicked on the video and an announcer shouted, "EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY!" That moment was when he suddenly knew he was going to love the series.

A few weeks went by and Jella had, unfortunately, forgotten about ERB. However, one of his friends happened to ask him if he had seen Genghis Khan vs Easter Bunny yet. Jella initially had no idea what he was talking about. It was not until later, while looking the video up on YouTube, that he realised it was another ERB. After that, Jella got more caught up with the series and subscribed to Nice Peter's channel, and eventually the official ERB channel, so he would know when a new video came out.

Around the start of 2012, Jella found this wiki. At first, he was an AWC for a couple of months until March 14th, the day he finally decided to become a user and make an account. He used part of his friend's middle name, Majella, and added some random numbers after it. Thus, Jella141 was born.


  • Jella is a huge fan of AMC's The Walking Dead and HBO's Game of Thrones, with his favourite character of all time being Rick Grimes, followed closely by Jon Snow.

User quotes

Brb I need to finger my cat.
Michael Phelps isn't real.
DWAS tickles children.
Waggle my balcony.
I don't remember the name ;-; I just remember the name ;-;
I said I called you a cunt not a cunt.
My throat has been destroyed.
Because you blocked me on ERB Wiki, I'm leaving ERB Wiki forever!
You can't spell cockroach without putting your cock next to ROA!
Well… Hulk Hogan made sex tapes with five year olds. What is happening to the world? No, hang on. My friend misread it. It said five year old tapes as in the tapes are five years old.
Horse sex is kinky and involves whips and neigh neighs.
It would be physically impossible to land several spacecrafts on a large asteroid with no gravity. They also wouldn't have had the power to film it, as there is no electricity in space. If there really are hundreds of bootprints and an American flag planted in the moon, you should be able to see them at night through a telescope, which you can't. Therefore, the moon landing did not, can not, and will not happen.
I just want Kurt Cobain rapping with a microphone that is a 12-gauge shotgun.
Tofu is for faggots.
One of Hitler's favorite video games is Cooking Mama. And Papa. And their children. And everyone else.
How would you guys feel if Jefferson vs Douglass was just thirty seconds of Washington, Franklin, and Jefferson ganging up on and lynching Frederick Douglass while Socrates rapes Joan of Arc in the background?
GG is chi chi
Jesus the fucki get lag
I swear I will fuck your fucking ass so hard.
One day we'll have a Ifechukwude disambiguation page.
I would drive down to LA and fuck Pete in the ass.
Remember, it's okay to beat children if you tell them why.
I loved the time that they made a full mold of betette and painted it white and he was the stay puft.
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I think I would fuck Hitler.
This place is fucking weird.
Give me Ceciley (or someone like her) or give me celibacy!
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AWC quotes

None of them won! Mainly because Oprah is black and Ellen is a lesbian. Neither of those types of people should win.
You guys don't understand! I fap to ERB every single day, but mostly to Walter White VS Rick Grimes, the sexiest battle of them all!
I wish Jim Henson was still alive. I would of loved to sleep in his big nice beard!
This battle would of been better if they had the real Stan Lee in it and he was shirtless!
I jerkoff to lady gaga and i realized it was nicepeter i regret nothing.

Miscellaneous quotes

What if the battle is already out, and we just have to release it ourselves?
— Jaden Smith
Clickity click click.
You egg noodle hair, what are you doing with your egg noodle hair? You egg noodle hair, what are you doing with your egg noodle hair?
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There's edgier plots and Matt Damon the gnome!
You got bit by horseshit!
Birds fuck to the musk of my chest bush!
LMNO Penis!
I would have gone to the #Inauguration but I'll be busy yanking out my pubes one by one.

The most Superior quotes of the Savage

I just like sex. I am not a rapist or a pervert.
Not everybody knows who Batman is.
I am not a stalker. I don't like stalkers and if you had one I would beat them up for you.
Sex is for people with penises or vaginas.
Adam Sandler is so funny. He should be electrocuted.
I am not gay. I kiss nobody's ass. Unless it is a girl. I will only kiss the ass of some girls.
I have submitted six comments on ERB wiki in the same minute. Then, I have waited three hours. Then, I have submitted six more comments. I know that this is not normal. I do not think this is spam. Do you think it is spam? If I put one or two minute in between each comment, I know that it would be normal.
Go the Epic Rap Battles of History wikia. It is the most fun and entertaining wikia. Tell them Savage Superior sent you. They love me there, so they'll love you.

Rick Grimes vs Walter WhiteAlexander the Great vs Ivan the TerribleDeadpool vs Boba FettEastern Philosophers vs Western PhilosophersBlackbeard vs Al CaponeFreddy Krueger vs WolverineGordon Ramsay vs Julia ChildSteven Spielberg vs Alfred HitchcockAsh Ketchum vs Charles DarwinLewis and Clark vs Bill and TedJim Henson vs Stan LeeStephen King vs Edgar Allan PoeGoku vs SupermanArtists vs TMNTJames Bond vs Austin PowersGuy Fawkes vs Che GuevaraJ. R. R. Tolkien vs George R. R. MartinMaster Chief vs LeonidasJack the Ripper vs Hannibal LecterMozart vs SkrillexGhostbusters vs MythbustersBabe Ruth vs Lance ArmstrongNice Peter vs EpicLLOYD 2Theodore Roosevelt vs Winston ChurchillTony Hawk vs Wayne GretzkyBarack Obama vs Mitt RomneySir Isaac Newton vs Bill NyeTerminator vs RobocopWonder Woman vs Stevie WonderBruce Banner vs Bruce JennerGeorge Washington vs William WallaceMichael Jackson vs Elvis PresleyFrederick Douglass vs Thomas JeffersonDavid Copperfield vs Harry HoudiniMichael Jordan vs Muhammad AliRasputin vs StalinZeus vs ThorBatman vs Sherlock HolmesGandhi vs Martin Luther King Jr.Shaka Zulu vs Julius CaesarMoses vs Santa ClausSteve Jobs vs Bill GatesDonald Trump vs Ebenezer ScroogeBob Ross vs Pablo PicassoFrank Sinatra vs Freddie MercuryMario Bros vs Wright BrosRomeo and Juliet vs Bonnie and ClydeDoc Brown vs Doctor WhoAbe Lincoln vs Chuck NorrisHitler vs Vader 3Hitler vs Vader 2Bruce Lee vs Clint EastwoodDonald Trump vs Hillary ClintonDr. Seuss vs ShakespeareColumbus vs Captain KirkNapoleon vs NapoleonMr. T vs Mr. RogersNikola Tesla vs Thomas EdisonBilly Mays vs Ben FranklinEinstein vs Stephen HawkingDarth Vader vs HitlerJustin Bieber vs BeethovenNice Peter vs EpicLLOYDCleopatra vs Marilyn MonroeElon Musk vs Mark ZuckerbergAdam vs EveGandalf vs DumbledoreMiley Cyrus vs Joan of ArcJohn Lennon vs Bill O'ReillyHulk Hogan and Macho Man vs Kim Jong-ilGenghis Khan vs Easter BunnyOprah vs EllenSarah Palin vs Lady Gaga

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Season 1:

John Lennon Title CardDarth Vader Title CardChuck Norris Title CardLady Gaga Title CardKim Jong-Il Title CardLudwig van Beethoven Title CardAlbert Einstein Title CardGenghis Khan Title CardNapoleon Bonaparte Title CardBilly Mays Title CardVince OfferDumbledore Title CardDoctor Seuss Title CardCat in the Hat tcThing 1 & 2Mr. T Title CardChristopher Columbus Title CardNice Peter Title Card

Season 2:

Adolf Hitler Title Card 2Master Chief Title CardMario Bros. Title CardMichael Jackson Title CardMarilyn Monroe Title CardSteve Jobs TC2Freddie Mercury Title CardAbe Obama RomneyDoc Brown Title CardClint Eastwood Title CardBatman Title CardRobin TcMoses Title CardAdam Title CardMartin Luther King Jr. Title CardThomas Edison Title CardBabe Ruth Title CardSkrillex Title CardJoseph Stalin Title Card

Season 3:

Darth Vader Title Card 3Boba Fett tcBlackbeard Title CardJoan of Arc Title CardBob Ross Title CardMichael Jordan Title CardThe Ghost of Christmas Yet to ComeWalter White Title CardGoku Title CardStephen King Title CardIsaac Newton Title CardWilliam Wallace Title CardDonatello Bardi Title CardMichelangelo Buonarroti Title CardLeonardo da Vinci Title CardRaphael Sanzio da Urbino Title Card

Season 4:

The Mythbusters Title CardThe B-TeamBonnie & Clyde Title CardZeus Title CardHannibal Lecter Title CardEllen DeGeneres Title CardMichael BayLewis & Clark Title CardDavid Copperfield Title CardThe Terminator Title CardNietzsche Title CardSocrates Title CardVoltaire Title CardJulius Caesar Title CardJim Henson Title Card

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Season 5:

J. R. R. Tolkien Title CardGordon Ramsay Title CardThomas Jefferson Title CardAustin Powers Title CardBruce Banner Title CardAlexander the Great Title CardDonald Trump Title Card 2Charles Darwin Title CardStevie Wonder Title CardWayne Gretzky Title CardTheodore Roosevelt Title CardNice Peter In Battle 2EpicLLOYD In Battle 2

Bonus Battle:

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Season 6:

Wolverine Title CardGuy Fawkes Title CardBurger King Title CardGeorge Carlin Title CardSteve Irwin Title CardSigmund Freud Title CardVlad the Impaler Title CardThe Joker Title CardJ Robert Oppenheimer Title Card

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