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Jella141, better known simply as Jella or Jamahl, is a trusted and active user at the Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki.

Information on the user

Jella first discovered the Epic Rap Battles of History series in 2011 while searching up funny videos on YouTube. In the related videos section, he saw something that immediately caught his attention; it was a thumbnail of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking with the words "rap battle" in the title. Jella was instantly intrigued to know what it was about, so he clicked on the video and an announcer shouted, "EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY!" That moment was when he suddenly knew he was going to love the series.

A few weeks went by and Jella had, unfortunately, forgotten about ERB. However, one of his friends happened to ask him if he had seen Genghis Khan vs Easter Bunny yet. Jella initially had no idea what he was talking about. It was not until later, while looking the video up on YouTube, that he realised it was another ERB. After that, Jella got more caught up with the series and subscribed to Nice Peter's channel, and eventually the official ERB channel, so he would know when a new video came out.

Around the start of 2012, Jella found this wiki. At first, he was an AWC for a couple of months until March 14th, the day he finally decided to become a user and make an account. He used part of his friend's middle name, Majella, and added some random numbers after it. Thus, Jella141 was born.


  • Jella is a huge fan of AMC's The Walking Dead and HBO's Game of Thrones, with his favourite character of all time being Rick Grimes, followed closely by Jon Snow.

User quotes

Brb I need to finger my cat.
Michael Phelps isn't real.
DWAS tickles children.
Waggle my balcony.
I don't remember the name ;-; I just remember the name ;-;
I said I called you a cunt not a cunt.
My throat has been destroyed.
Because you blocked me on ERB Wiki, I'm leaving ERB Wiki forever!
You can't spell cockroach without putting your cock next to ROA!
Well… Hulk Hogan made sex tapes with five year olds. What is happening to the world? No, hang on. My friend misread it. It said five year old tapes as in the tapes are five years old.
Horse sex is kinky and involves whips and neigh neighs.
It would be physically impossible to land several spacecrafts on a large asteroid with no gravity. They also wouldn't have had the power to film it, as there is no electricity in space. If there really are hundreds of bootprints and an American flag planted in the moon, you should be able to see them at night through a telescope, which you can't. Therefore, the moon landing did not, can not, and will not happen.
I just want Kurt Cobain rapping with a microphone that is a 12-gauge shotgun.
Tofu is for faggots.
One of Hitler's favorite video games is Cooking Mama. And Papa. And their children. And everyone else.
How would you guys feel if Jefferson vs Douglass was just thirty seconds of Washington, Franklin, and Jefferson ganging up on and lynching Frederick Douglass while Socrates rapes Joan of Arc in the background?
GG is chi chi
Jesus the fucki get lag
I swear I will fuck your fucking ass so hard.
One day we'll have a Ifechukwude disambiguation page.
I would drive down to LA and fuck Pete in the ass.
Remember, it's okay to beat children if you tell them why.
I loved the time that they made a full mold of betette and painted it white and he was the stay puft.
ooooo teega, stroke me
I think I would fuck Hitler.
This place is fucking weird.
Give me Ceciley (or someone like her) or give me celibacy!
I would fuck her with her dressed as naked.
I heard blind people see nothing.
Id smash
I am a big pussy
Your rotting corpse is being mounted on my wals, you maggot
I'm a parrot fucker.
Oh boy, a fucking hurricane is going on. Hell, I might even die. But I really want those badges…
I am going to shove a chicken up your ass and your going to eat it.
I'd fuck a squid for 5 million don't lie. It's 5 million.
shut yo bubblegum dum dum lookin ass up NOW before i call the cops

AWC quotes

None of them won! Mainly because Oprah is black and Ellen is a lesbian. Neither of those types of people should win.
You guys don't understand! I fap to ERB every single day, but mostly to Walter White VS Rick Grimes, the sexiest battle of them all!
I wish Jim Henson was still alive. I would of loved to sleep in his big nice beard!
This battle would of been better if they had the real Stan Lee in it and he was shirtless!
I jerkoff to lady gaga and i realized it was nicepeter i regret nothing.

Miscellaneous quotes

What if the battle is already out, and we just have to release it ourselves?
— Jaden Smith
Clickity click click.
You egg noodle hair, what are you doing with your egg noodle hair? You egg noodle hair, what are you doing with your egg noodle hair?
What the fuck rhymes with box office?!
Your voice is more annoying than an epileptic playing the flute!
You talk a lot of shit for a shit wearing a diaper. I heard you had poison shit, where was it in this shit? 'Cause all I hear is shit from a shit with no shit. And I'm shitting over you like a shitful of my shitizens! And you can take your shit skin shit and shit under it! You're shitting with the most triumphant shit of the shitumverate! I'm first of the shit and last of the shit! And shitting you accompanied by shit of my shittymen. Ask my shitnappers if I'm just a shit talker. Doc J Shit on you like Boom Shitalaka! So don't go shitting your shit at me. If I wanted to shit shit, I'd shit my shit.
There's edgier plots and Matt Damon the gnome!
You got bit by horseshit!
Birds fuck to the musk of my chest bush!
LMNO Penis!
I would have gone to the #Inauguration but I'll be busy yanking out my pubes one by one.

The most Superior quotes of the Savage

I just like sex. I am not a rapist or a pervert.
Not everybody knows who Batman is.
I am not a stalker. I don't like stalkers and if you had one I would beat them up for you.
Sex is for people with penises or vaginas.
Adam Sandler is so funny. He should be electrocuted.
I am not gay. I kiss nobody's ass. Unless it is a girl. I will only kiss the ass of some girls.
I have submitted six comments on ERB wiki in the same minute. Then, I have waited three hours. Then, I have submitted six more comments. I know that this is not normal. I do not think this is spam. Do you think it is spam? If I put one or two minute in between each comment, I know that it would be normal.
Go the Epic Rap Battles of History wikia. It is the most fun and entertaining wikia. Tell them Savage Superior sent you. They love me there, so they'll love you.

Rick Grimes vs Walter White.jpgAlexander the Great vs Ivan the Terrible.jpgDeadpool vs Boba Fett.jpgEastern Philosophers vs Western Philosophers.jpgBlackbeard vs Al Capone.jpgFreddy Krueger vs Wolverine.jpgGordon Ramsay vs Julia Child.jpgSteven Spielberg vs Alfred Hitchcock.pngAsh Ketchum vs Charles Darwin.pngLewis and Clark vs Bill and Ted.jpgJim Henson vs Stan Lee.jpgStephen King vs Edgar Allan Poe.jpgGoku vs Superman.jpgArtists vs TMNT.jpgJames Bond vs Austin Powers.jpgGuy Fawkes vs Che Guevara.jpegJ. R. R. Tolkien vs George R. R. Martin.jpgMaster Chief vs Leonidas.jpgJack the Ripper vs Hannibal Lecter.pngMozart vs Skrillex.jpgGhostbusters vs Mythbusters.jpgBabe Ruth vs Lance Armstrong.jpgNice Peter vs EpicLLOYD 2.jpgTheodore Roosevelt vs Winston Churchill.jpgTony Hawk vs Wayne Gretzky.pngBarack Obama vs Mitt Romney.jpgSir Isaac Newton vs Bill Nye.jpgTerminator vs Robocop.jpgWonder Woman vs Stevie Wonder.pngBruce Banner vs Bruce Jenner.jpgGeorge Washington vs William Wallace.jpgMichael Jackson vs Elvis Presley.jpgFrederick Douglass vs Thomas Jefferson.jpgDavid Copperfield vs Harry Houdini.jpgMichael Jordan vs Muhammad Ali.jpgRasputin vs Stalin.pngZeus vs Thor.jpgBatman vs Sherlock Holmes.jpgGandhi vs Martin Luther King Jr..jpgShaka Zulu vs Julius Caesar.jpgMoses vs Santa Claus.jpgSteve Jobs vs Bill Gates.jpgDonald Trump vs Ebenezer Scrooge.jpgBob Ross vs Pablo Picasso.jpgFrank Sinatra vs Freddie Mercury.jpgMario Bros vs Wright Bros.jpgRomeo and Juliet vs Bonnie and Clyde.jpgDoc Brown vs Doctor Who.jpgAbe Lincoln vs Chuck Norris.jpgHitler vs Vader 3.jpgHitler vs Vader 2.jpgBruce Lee vs Clint Eastwood.jpgDonald Trump vs Hillary Clinton.pngDr. Seuss vs Shakespeare.jpgColumbus vs Captain Kirk.jpgNapoleon vs Napoleon.jpgMr. T vs Mr. Rogers.jpgNikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison.jpgBilly Mays vs Ben Franklin.jpgEinstein vs Stephen Hawking.jpgDarth Vader vs Hitler.jpgJustin Bieber vs Beethoven.jpgNice Peter vs EpicLLOYD.jpgCleopatra vs Marilyn Monroe.jpgElon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg.pngAdam vs Eve.jpgGandalf vs Dumbledore.jpgMiley Cyrus vs Joan of Arc.jpgJohn Lennon vs Bill O'Reilly.jpgHulk Hogan and Macho Man vs Kim Jong-il.jpgGenghis Khan vs Easter Bunny.jpgOprah vs Ellen.pngSarah Palin vs Lady Gaga.jpg


[Note: Hover over a title card for the rapper's best line(s).]

Season 1:

I wonder how much George Bush paid you to suck his dick!So many dudes been with your mom, who even knows if I'm your father?I've spread more blood and gore than 40 score of your puny Civil Wars, bitch!You are the sum of everything I despise, with the most dysfunctional family since the Jackson fucking Five!You want beef? Eat this Korean BBQ!You wanna trade blows? You can't even hit puberty!So take a seat, Steve. Oop! I see you brought your own.I'll bite off your tail and punch your teeth down your throat, then butcher your family and make a new coat!You're the only type of dynamite that's never going to bang!Watch me crush this bald, fat, foppish founding father!Slap Chop your face! Make a double-chin salsa!The prophecy forgot to mention this day, when I knocked your ass back to Gandalf the Grey!…You leave a classroom looking like the end of Macbeth!Man, we'll cook you up and eat you with some ham and green eggs!Bring Tuesday, Friday, and little Trolly the Train, and watch me dip their ass in gold and wear 'em like my neck chain!I'll stick a flag up your ass and claim you for Spain!You and Bill O'Reilly can both suck my dick!

Season 2:

You need a vacation. Here, take a trip on my train!Cortana says you're Greek, so why don't you stick these lyrics up your ass?You might fly like a hawk, but you fight like a kitty!Here's a tip: don't swallow a bucket of drugs, so you won't die on the toilet dropping hunks of Burning Love!Translate this into hieroglyphs: your sandy vagina has a Seven Year Itch!Why'd you name your company after your dick?I'm more powerful than you when I'm wearing women's pants!I'll properly reach across the aisle and bitch-smack you as equals!I'll use your port-a-potty time machine as my latrine!I'd beat you in round two, but that'd be unbelievable. No one in your family ever lives to see a sequel.You'll die alone with no friends except that needle in your arm!Gotta secret 'bout your homegirl, Irene Adler: took her back to my nest to "bam pow kersplat" her!You took the Christ out of Christmas and just added more mass.You got a lotion for this; you got a cream for that. Got any perfume that smells like "Get the fuck off my back"?!I admire the way you broke the British power, but I have a dream that one day you'll take a shower!While you were busy digging ditches and burning bridges, I'm pumping out inventions, stacking riches, so go back to your pigeons!You lived strong; beat cancer. Congratulations! Now I'll drop your ass faster than your own foundation!I'm rich, acclaimed, and famous! I'm on playlists! I'm the A-List! You're the lamest! Kiss my ass, A-A-A-A-Amadeus!Your whole family; shot! All your wizard friends; shot! Anyone who sold you pierogi; shot!

Season 3:

You wrote a little book, got 'em fired up, had a Beer Hall Putsch, got 'em fired up, and when your bunker started getting fired up, you put a gun in your mouth and fired up!I'll put my balls in your mouth like boba tea!You spent time in Alcatraz. I'm sure you were fine, if you dropped the soap as little as you drop dope rhymes!When it comes to bad bitches, I'm the patron saint, but I only get down on my knees when it's time to pray!You're a moody little genius, always so serious. I know: you must be on your Blue Period!Used to float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, now you double dribble balls that nobody can see!Boo! You're gonna die with no one to love you and no one to cry!I've seen Walter Jr. handle walkers better than you!Look at those panties! Oh! You got that camel toe! I'll report to Lois Lane and Superman that ho!Perving on your first cousin when she's thirteen years old? Now, that's disturbing!I drop rhymes like they're falling from an apple tree!Don't tee off with me, laddy! If you held my balls, you couldn't be my caddy!Born in goop, raised in poop, I slice through a group of ninjas like fruit. Oops!I made David, but I'll slay you like Goliath!You wouldn't know genius if it pissed in your sewer!Deemed dope by the Pope and I boned 'til I croaked!

Season 4:

You built a laser grid with no safety switch, and Walter Peck was right: that's some shady shit!Things are getting scary when Tory, Grant, and Kari come harder than Ray when that ghost popped his cherry!Spit sick like a plague on both your houses!Maybe Odin could beg me for a truce 'cause when Zeus lets loose, I'll put your cross-dressing neck in a noose!Quit jacking off on the track and put the lotion in the basket, and catch what the iller serial killer can deliver!I'm the best emcee and the biggest star, and I'll bite you in the ass like the tax on a free car!If there's one thing I've learned, bitch, this game is about mother fucking money!From the falls of Black Eagle to the Pacific, we put the 'dis' in dysentery 'cause we spit sick!When I was a child, you were a god to me. I had to do what you do. Now, you're like a Chinese wall to me. Bitch, I'll walk right through you.My rapping attack is a massive dispatch of bazookas and gats and grenades that rapidly bashes your brains and dismantles that puny pea shooter that fits in your leg!'Cause I'm N-I-E-T-Z-S-C-H-E, and I'll end any mother fucker like my name in a spelling bee!You're pitiful lyrically. Lucky for history, you didn't author The Art of Rapping!Let me be frank: don't start beef with the Frank, who hangs with B. Franks, giving ladies beef franks!You're fucking with the most triumphant third of the Triumvirate!There is no defense against the dents Jim Henson is dispensing.

Bonus Battle:

Bitch, who you calling clone? You're a Deathstroke ripoff!

Season 5:

You're a pirate! You even stole my "R. R."!I'd call you a donkey, but you look more like Shrek!I'm so down with revolutions, I invented the swivel chair!You're like all the sex I've ever had: unprotected!I hear you're good at running; you're just like the Flash, especially in the 100 meter ditch-your-wife dash!I would leave 'em contorted, and they'd be screaming and roaring until their vocals cords were torn up and shot!Let me just say I respect all females, but your rhymes are trash; put 'em next to your emails.And it was hard losing my daughters and their brother, as hard as the wood that Oak gave your mother!You couldn't walk in my shoes, so stick to your re-boots, with plots so thin even I can see through!You're on your fourth wife; talk about the X Games!Rough riding down to Cuba like, "What's up, bitches?!"You're second class! That's why I let you run ERB2!Erection jokes, dude? Your whole name means dick!

Bonus Battle:

Who put the elf with no friends in charge of human connection?

Season 6:

The PTA turned your face into Deadpool's ballsack!Face it, Ernesto: you're Castro, but less so! He's Cuba Commander, you're more of the Destro!Your pink slime meat turns my asshole to a drive through!Non-stopping brain droppings like my wit's got the shits!And crikey, you're such a boring guy, you could make a whole show about the ocean dry!You're the fakest sister act since Whoopi Goldberg!Put my foot on Ottomans like I was furniture shopping!Ask Robin if I drop bars! I take smiles and I leave scars!After your raps, I am become deaf.


The Dead Among Us Wiki Edition
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  • Tied at third place with Jude

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  • Runner-up to Night by two votes for Best Editor of 2015

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  • Runner-up to Loyg for Best Conduct of 2016
  • Awarded for Best Editor of 2016
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