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The Alpha

— The Woken spirit inside the vessel of Matthew Hardy.
Actor information
Full name Valremathras the Alpha
Nickname(s) Devilishmind, Devil, Shadow-Lerooyinator, Tovorok
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Red
Appearance information

Yours truly.


Ah hello there, weary traveller. I see you have found your way onto my user page. My name is Valremathras also known as Devil or Devilishmind. I am a user here and hoping to get along with cool people. I am a massive wrestling fan as well as a fan of Epic Rap Battles of History since 2012. I specialize in gaming, acting and writing.

My friends:

Welcome to the circle of trust.
— Batman

These are the people I consider my best friends here on this wiki. If you ever wanna chat to me and be friends, I will gladly add you to the list. :)

My oldest friend and right hand

Fine day with you around.

Nice guy.

A brilliant person and to me still a fellow mutant.

A Maniacal One

The Man who Gravity forgot.

Thanks for giving me a chance, man.

Tick tock, its a great alchemist.

Still has the Face of a Killer to me.

My Oldest Rival

Still a Sexy Beast

My Brother of Destruction

The Omega to my Alpha

One creative mofo.

My Caretaker

Over here we got some random gifs. Enjoy. :)


Partying hard.


When your College timetable changes and you end up having a full day instead of the promised half-day. :(

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