• I live in Harlem
  • I was born on December 29
  • My occupation is student
  • I am male

Good mythical day and salutations!!! You have made your way to the hyperactive nice guy of the wiki. The artist is formerly known as Angeldust to Angemon44 and now Seraphimon 44. 

Please feel enlightened as you step into my humble page

Who am I: a man of mystery and many tastes

age: 20  ​​​​​
20140303 193850

Season 6 Rankings so far:

Vlad vs Dracula


Teresa vs Freud

Kruger vs Wolverine

BK vs Ronald

Guevara vs Fawkes


Q & A:

What are you doing back ?: Coming back not only as a fan but also a creator, I'm here to deliver some fresh intakes with a now more mature outlook.

Who are your inspirations: ERB, Parents, Stan Lee, Jim Henson, Jim Carrey, Goku, He-man, Spiderman, Becky Lynch, The Rock

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