Hello, Swordzman here.  Makin' things a little uncomfortable for the status quo since I can remember.    Call me anything you like, but never politically correct.  I'm handi... excuse me, disabled.  So what?  You're not going to find many 'round here with the skills I have.  No, can't rap.  I'm an avid admirer of history, who's just happened to stumble on this little series called Epic Rap Battles of History and, though I dislike most rap for being toxic to people, this stuff's actually funny as much as it is a representation of real history!

I've come here because I want to lend a hand, however small the role, in writing the actual history behind these twisted rhymes.  If that's your passion, welcome aboard!  I consider it an honor to be able to do this when I'm not trying to solve every computer gaffe that runs across my desk.

Favorite Battles

  1. ERB 2 (Hitler/Vader I)
  2. ERB 7 (Einstein/Hawking)
  3. ERB 20 (Cleo/Monroe)
  4. ERB 23 (Obama/Romney feat. Lincoln)
  5. ERB 27 (Moses/Claus)
  6. ERB 29 (MLK/Gandhi)
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