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Hello! Welcome to my user page!

Lion and Greg

I'm a 23-year old homosexual male living in California, USA. I have a boyfriend, and he means the absolute world to me, more than anyone else could. I also currently am employed at a local law office as a receptionist.

I'm a dork for video games. If you can't tell by my username, I have a huge love for Pokémon (arguably being the biggest Pokémon fan on this wikia) and my favorite Pokémon is Pikachu. And yes, I do know more Pokémon than Pikachu. The stereotype that people who like Pikachu know nothing about Pokémon is ridiculously dumb. I love every single Pokémon (yes, ALL OF THEM, even ones like Bidoof, Trubbish, Klink, etc.). My top favorites include Pikachu, the Greninja line, and the Emboar line. My favorite games in the series always end up being the newest ones, and I'm certain my new favorites will be future ones like OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire and whatever the next generation has in store.

I'm mainly interested in Nintendo, but I also have a love for Sega, Metal Gear, Skyrim, Sam & Max, and many others. Main interests are RPGs, while FPSs are typically my least favorites, but I'm open to giving anything a try.

I'm also a huge Disney fanboy. Favorite movies are Wreck-It Ralph and Lilo & Stitch. Huge fan of both Homestuck and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, as well. Also massively interested in Steven Universe and We Bare Bears.

Recently I've been trying out sewing.

What're you smiling about

So, if you don't know me yet, you may not know how obsessed to the brim I am with a certain Cartoon Network show:
We Bare Bears
We bare bears by oysteice-d93105h
For those that don't know what it is, it's a slice-of-life cartoon show that follows the daily lives of three spiritual-brothers; "Grizz"ly Bear, Panda Bear, and Ice Bear. It also features secondary characters Nom Nom the internet celebrity koala, Chloe the young child prodigy, and Charlie the sasquatch/bigfoot guy.
Do It For GrizzDo It For PandaDo It For Ice Bear
The three bears attempt to intermingle with the modern day world, via the internet and social media, in attempt to gain lots of friends and become popular.
Stolen stuff 3Stolen stuff 2Stolen stuff 1
No adult male should be as obsessed with a kids' show about the antics of cartoon bears as I am, but whoops.
Excited Grizz
It's a REALLY great show. Adorable, hilarious, emotional. It's great in all the right places.
Grizz Panda Ice Bear danceIce Bear does not like thisBaby grizz cry
Highly recommend it. <3
Adventure time bear song

Ganondorf In Battle VG vs HEpic Rap Battles Video Games vs History Season 2 logoSaladin In Battle VG vs H

A series I'm working on where I pit a video game character against another historical figure, whether real or fictional. Most battles are suggestions given to me, so if you have suggestions...give them to me!

As a note, I don't like being suggested royales, back-up rappers, lines, events in battles, and usually story battles. Really, just don't suggest me things other than match-ups. Odd thing, I know, but that's a sort of thing I more enjoy doing on my own, because it makes it a fun surprise.

Epic Rap Battles Video Games vs History Season 2 logo
Season 1:
It Begins
Charles Darwin vs Ash Ketchum and PikachuUsain Bolt vs Sonic the HedgehogLink vs King ArthurSly Cooper vs Robin HoodMike Haggar vs Theodore RooseveltPac-Man vs the GhostbustersSam & Max vs Bonnie & ClydeMarth vs Joan of ArcGLaDOS vs HAL 9000Sub-Zero vs ElsaThe Stanley Parable vs The Twilight ZonePhoenix Wright vs Atticus FinchKirby vs GalileoStar Fox vs Apollo 11Shigeru Miyamoto vs Walt Disney
Season 2:
Electric Boogaloo
Buffy vs Belmont vs Van HelsingZelda vs AthenaSpyro vs SpikeBigby Wolf vs Emma SwanGTA V Gang vs The EdsBeat vs BanksyPrincess Peach vs CinderellaSamus Aran vs Ellen RipleySteve vs EmmetToriel vs Mother TeresaBlack Mage vs MerlinBooker DeWitt vs The DoctorLittle Mac vs Rocky BalboaSolid Snake vs Erwin RommelDante vs DanteProfessor Layton vs Sherlock HolmesGordon Freeman vs Isaac NewtonMega Man vs Astro BoyGarrosh Hellscream vs Adolf Hitler
Season 3:
Every Rapper Is Lemons
Ganondorf vs SaladinVaas Montenegro vs The JokerGruntilda vs The Wicked Witch of the WestPorky Minch vs Eric CartmanCarmen Sandiego vs WaldoHandsome Jack vs The Phantom of the OperaDr. Eggman vs Dr. FrankensteinWario vs Donald TrumpHeihachi Mishima vs Homer SimpsonTBATBATBATBATBATBATBATBATBATBASeason finale
Off-Seasons Sonichu vs My ImmortalOctodad vs OctomomBEN Drowned vs Michael PhelpsKuma vs GrizzSonic.EXE vs CupcakesKyu Sugardust vs CupidCaptain Qwark vs Zapp BranniganRidley vs Ron JeremyPepsiman vs Santa ClausWhite Face vs Blackface
Sequels Sonic the Hedgehog vs Usain Bolt 2Sly Cooper vs Robin Hood 2
Bonus Battles Until Dawn vs The Cabin in the WoodsNess vs Steven Universe
News Blogs

ERB: VG vs H News with Phoenix WrightERB: VG vs H News in the Twilight ZoneERB: VG vs H News with Professor LaytonERB: VG vs H News with...?ERB: VG vs H News with the Lutece TwinsERB: VG vs H News with Bowser

Scrapped Ness vs MatildaFreddy Fazbear vs Chuck E. Cheese

A new series of mine, this one is focused on pitting series against series. Basically, the connections in each battle is focused on the series themselves; the actual characters cannot be used as part of the connection. The characters rapping, being the main characters of their series, represent their series as a whole, rather than characters being used specifically being individualistic. Character connections can still be part of the match-up, but the main focus connecting the two sides must be between either series. I can potentially make an exception for character-heavy connections if the connection applies to the whole cast of characters rather than specifically being between the two main characters being used.

Epic Rap Battles of Series
Season 1 Five Nights at Freddy's vs UndertaleThe Simpsons vs SpongeBob SquarePantsDragon Ball vs NarutoFobbies Are Borange vs Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged SeriesSuperwholockRick and Morty vs Gravity FallsTBA

Sans vs Vriska Serket megalovaniaMickey Mouse vs Bugs Bunny cover artLife is Strange vs Night in the Woods coverHarvey vs Harvey

Battles I wanna do (in no particular order)

Futurama vs American Dad! coverPaper Mario vs Painting Link vs Toy Pikachu vs Yarn KirbyAlice vs Dorothy story battle cover art2016 Movies Comic Books vs Video GamesAradia Megido vs Corpse PartyHomer Simpson vs DMC DanteAlice vs Oswald the Lucky RabbitSpike vs We Bare BearsJohn and Dave vs John and DaveOlympians vs OlympiansDoctor Who vs Steven Universe regular battleBendy vs Betty Boop

Its me
The Grand Highbooty
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