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    Switched up my plan for the rest of this season so this one is gonna be the last one till after the holidays. This is probably in my top battles i've written, really liked how this one came out. Hope y'all enjoy it too.

    I hope your ready for this lyrical laceration and abuse.

    I'll smite you on this mic like I'm mother fucking Zeus!

    I'm a scholarly fellow from Ancient Greece, that's BC.

    Not Before Comedy, as your clothes make it plain-to-see.

    Like the Odyssey, you'll sail across every sea just to flee.

    On your journey hope you realize you can't best me!

    You're forgotton! Nobody knows your name, I'm the real deal.

    Writing stories with actual skill is your Achilles' heel.

    When it comes to Poetry, you know im the starter.

    Im kicking your ass in rap like…

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    Cars and stuff. Ending of the college semester complicates writing this stuff, along with my actual stories, so thats fun.

    Your electric jet means nothing when you're a has-been.

    You ain't see nothing yet, so I suggest you buckle in.

    Be ready to Dodge, now Ford is on the attack.

    I'm driving you back like a goddamn Cadillac. 

    I've got all the fame and I've got all the game.

    You got none of the same, you're just plain lame.

    I've got a Masterful Mind that you could never understand.

    I innovate the industry while you attend Burning Man.

    You used an actual inventor as your company's namesake.

    From South Africa to America, you'll always been in my wake.

    You're a wack job with an extraterrestrial message to send.

    After this failure, just don't bother to even…

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    So the original plan was this battle would come next and a different battle was to be posted yesterday. Yeah that one is not at all done so since this one is, it's gonna go up instead. Hint on the Ash Williams battle will be for next one. 

    I think it's time for me to do the world a favor.

    I'm bringing forth the fall of the tomb raider.

    You only got famous because of your breasts

    Comparing your story to mine, nobody's impressed.

    Your original game's graphics make me wanna hurl.

    And truth is, you weren't even originally a girl.

    I'm exploding on the scene, nothing ever been so true.

    People play your games cause they wanna raid you.

    You've had some real screw ups, that is plain see.

    Like your top down and that movie with Angelina Jolie.

    Who are you again…

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    I literally did this as soon as I saw Ash in the Ketchum vs Darwin battle. The guy who repeatedly saves the world from Deadites vs the girl who repeatedly saves the world from zombies. Quite the match up.

    Start writing your memoirs, you've gotta grow a spine.

    You'll see STARS after facing off against this Valentine!

    I'm the queen bee of knowing how to kill a zombie.

    You're the wannabe hero from a b-movie horror, try me!

    You may be older, but we both know I'm wiser.

    You're a wannabe Macgyver who's just a womanizer. 

    Rami and you took Dental money without another thought.

    You thought you could improve your film by smoking pot.

    Ashy Slashy is a freakshow of a molester. 

    A bigger pain in my ass than Albert Wesker.

    While having to kill all your friends wo…

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    With the release of Fantastic Beasts today, this seemed like a fitting battle to return with. I've got a few others completed as well that will be going up every five days until before Xmas, where i'll go on break. This season will be extended longer than my usual seasons, but will also be the final season i do these things. Hope y'all enjoy the rest of my battles. 

    Yes, I think I'm quite up for a good fight.

    Would you look at the time? It's Twilight.

    By the time this battle's over, everyone'll be Team Meyer.

    You had to sell out to spin offs, your franchise's on a wire.

    I'm making millions while you're crying over the press.

    You're a single parent who can't handle the stress.

    All this controversy might hurt your precious image.

    I beat you for an e…

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