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  • Agentluke0322

    Welcome to the Belated April Fool's Special for RBoAT!

    My idea for an April's Fools battle was to make a good battle with a ridiculous matchup. I decided to go with two characters only connected by their vaguely similar names.

    Let's not fool around and get into this battle!

    "The protagonist of Changed, Colin, and magician/YouTuber, Collins Key, battle it out to see which Col(l)in(s) is superior."






    You challenged me to beat the guy who looks to have escaped JaidenAnimations.

    Now it's time for him to suffer a fate worse than a transformation.

    I've got bars colder than liquid nitrogen and disses hotter than sriracha.

    I'll beat you so fast that no quick-time event can save ya.

    I've been on America's Got…

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  • Agentluke0322

    Welcome back to the Rapper for A Day Tournament!

    Today, we'll be finishing up Round 1 with the 7th and 8th battles.

    You best prepare to Wipeout when you face me.

    Since you were powerless when you tried to rake on the Wii.

    You're a step above the Power Glove, and like it, you're so bad.

    And FNaF World's a masterpiece compared to the Star Wars game you had.

    A Rise of Nightmares is coming, but it's not the one you recall.

    A Michael Jackson game? That sure didn't age well.

    You best jump on your Shred Board and hit the street.

    Looks like something bad happened: your total defeat.

    You've pressed my Big Button Pad, now just to beat me.

    Your franchise was just Scott's last resort before bankruptcy.

    My shocks are uncontrolled, you can't challenge me, so why bo…

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  • Agentluke0322

    It's been a while, but I'm finally back to doing Rapper for a Day. I plan to try to finish the tournament either this or next month.

    This will be the 5th and 6th battles of Round 1.

    You best Bolt before this guy makes you.

    'Cause your mere presence in this battle has thrown off my groove.

    No one liked your music, and that gave you depression?

    You'll be sadder now since your lines are worse than Fantasia 2000.

    I've got a One Coarse Meal coming up: fried calamari.

    You're not a "creepypasta", you're more like "spooky spaghetti".

    You'll fall like you just pulled the wrong lever, my friend.

    Remove yourself, like your cameo in "SpongeBob in RandomLand".

    I can't believe my hyper-realistic eyes! You think you'll beat me?

    I won't let myself become another thi…

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  • Agentluke0322

    Welcome to the (Belated) Christmas special for RBoAT!

    I intended to releases this on Christmas, but I had too much to do that day. Also, I had a lot of ideas for Christmas special battles, including Jack Skellington vs. The Grinch and Jesus vs. Santa.

    Let's get into this special battle!

    "The most famous reindeer of all, Rudolph, and The Young Prince, Bambi, battle it out to see which cartoon deer is better."






    Do you think you stand a chance against the deer who save Christmas?

    This battle will make you wish you were at rap practice.

    The rhymes I spit are gold; yours are, at best, silver.

    I'm Rankin high; I'll Bass you like a hammer.

    I'm a timeless classic; you're just one of Disney's creations.

    I bet you…

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  • Agentluke0322

    Time for the next part of Round 1 of Rapper for A Day Tournament.

    We'll be doing the 3rd and 4th battles this time.

    This miserable miser is about to get Smashed.

    By this mountaineer duo who cannot be matched.

    We'll hit you with disses as cold as the North Pole.

    We'll Hunt the Duck down till he's wrinkled and old.

    We go Nintendo hard on the mike, you better shush.

    Just like the commercial says, You Cannot Beat Us.

    Who Shot Mr. Burns? Why, it was Nana and Popo.

    To Summit up, your chance of winning is zero!

    I'll drop you like you were from Smash 4's roster.

    I've got Burns in my name, why would you even bother

    To fight me, I'll beat you till your black and blue.

    I don't even need Smithers to release the hounds on you.

    You had one game, I've got over 30 seas…

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