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Bro what the fuck is up with this update, this is ass. This is fuckin doodoo, bro. It opened this blog up and just posted it immediately before I got the chance to actually type anything??? Fandom, get your shit together, this is vile. This makes me wanna tongue kiss a cactus, I hate it.

ANYWAY hi hello. It's uhhh, it's been a while. I think my last post was in September of 2020? Something like that? Yeah. Not my longest hiatus, but it's definitely up there. That post didn't flop or anything btw, not at all lol. In other news, I have decided to leave my state of cryostasis and return with a fun blog. Remember when I battled Cyan in the tourney and what of the things I dissed him on was ripping off Leandro with the cover strike blogs? Yeah, here's me completely nullifying that diss. I decided I wanna try and make some covers of my own, and now, as soon as I can find the gallery button if it's still there, here they are! Feel free to suggest some ideas in the comments! Or just gush about how much you love your wife and your wife's son, either one is fine. I'm trying to post a battle, but I'm kinda in a bit of a lyric slump right now. I have a few ideas I'm interested in doing, I'm just struggling to write them cause I suck. So I decided to try my hand at making covers. They're not good, some of them are definitely better than others, but I TRIED! Cut me some slack lmao, I did try. I gave it an honest attempt. You can call me a stupid asshole in the comments if you want, but I tried lol

Also, I found the gallery button but I can't figure out how to use it because this update is the fandom equivalent of seeing your dad's asshole, so here's the best I could do lol. I don't know how to make the gallery look good, fuck you lmao. Buy my album now :gun:

This is my worst blog to date

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