Greetings heroes! I need your humble opinion and to be able to pick your brain like Ray Liotta by asking you for suggestions for the next rap battle I should write. I felt like the last two I wrote were rushed because I wanted them done by the holiday they are themed around. Since there are no holiday themed battles that I currently have planned, I want to take some time writing my next one. I have a few ideas, but I'm not exactly sure where I should start. If anyone wants to help me write a battle or has any other suggestions for a matchup, I am open to it.

Here are my current ideas:

- Gen. Robert E. Lee vs. The Red Skull

- Cthulu vs. Surtr (the Norse mythology version of Surtr not the one from Marvel comics/movies. Though I would reference that in the battle of course)

- An astronomers battle between 2 of the following 4; Galileo, Nicolaus Copernicus, Edwin Hubble, and Carl Sagan

- Dave Thomas vs. Colonel Sanders

Epstein didn't kill himself

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