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    Guess who's back, back again, tell a friend, I am back, I am back.

    Well... it's been so long, it actually took me a bit before I remembered how to set this up... Anyways, I did it, hopefully. Now, it's not the battle that was hinted at in the end of the last battle, but that one has been delayed till further notice on account of not getting anywhere with it. So now, we got this one instead. Thor Odinson, real name Odinson (not certain if Thor still counts as his real name... apparently it's a title now) going toe to toe, line to line, with Shazam, real name: Billy Batson. As always, let me thank my sidekick Legion for helping write this battle, as he does with every battle in this series. Apparently he's Nightwinged it and he's going by Soo…

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    BreZ MuZik - Last Chance

    March 12, 2016 by BreZ

    It's March, also known to me as the month in which thoughts about morality flood my mind, this year more than others, most likely cause I had was in a car crash a few days before it, luckily, I'm alright though : ). Anyways, you guys get a BreZ MuZik out of it... in stead of the battle I had planned for last Sunday for which I still need 1 more verse, like I've done for a few months now... don't focus on that fact, or the Captain America and Iron Man VS Batman and Superman battle I was planning, but most likely won't do since I haven't even started on it yet... Did recently (recently almost a month ago) get one other MvDC battle out though, so that is something which hopefully covers the fact that this is only the first draft but of this B…

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    Yeah mates, we're back again, this time it's a battle of speedsters. Marvel's Quicksilver, real name: Pietro Maximoff, goes toe to toe with DC's Professor Zoom, real name: Eobard Thawne. Now, before we begin just let me give some credits to the wonderful Legion for helping me a lot with this and for making the Itunes cover which will be placed here soon enough.

    Here's the beat:

    Clutching the threads of time while spitting rhymes is the fastest runner

    Up against a half-assed liar that robots knock asunder

    Speed-stealing wins afire as my cowl cracks with thunder

    Speed-Force you to retire, disable you for this blunder!

    Manipulate my atoms fast as dad does your intentions!

    Reverse rapping! Against powerles…

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    Happy Halloween! I've reclaimed my rightful position as a laptop owner, so now I can publish this battle. It's Marvel's Trauma, real name: Terrance Ward, squaring off with DC's Scarecrow, real name: Jonathan Crane. Let's begin. :P Read this too please

    As always, credit to my side-kick Legion.

    Psychologist turned psychopath? How Hugo Strange, you're Harley Quinn

    Your inane brain's as insane as my skill if you think you will win

    This Scarecrow can’t scare crows; Got a sad backstory, but no one cares, bro

    The scariest thing ‘bout him, his ugly face, he doesn’t dare show 

    Roast this boastless Scarecrow, lash out on him like a Ghost Rider

    Wish you could flight from this fight, but instead Fright keeps you right there

    Facing somebody who's raps are more…

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    Yay, new BZRB, it's the Soul Eater anime vs the Shaman King anime. I don't know why I haven't published this yet, it's been finished for so long, like, probably around the same time that I published my last blog... which has been quite a while ago by now. I'm not entirely pleased by how it turned out to be honest. Well, I don't think I've got anything to add... so here it is. Also quick credits to Metal for having an influence on this. Also thanks to Night's cartoon series and the Anime series Metal, Yobar and somebody else share, cause I thought of this battle suggestion for one of their battles originally, then after watching Soul Eater decided to make the battle myself. Credit to Skeep for the cover as well please

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