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Welcome to the first battle of Season 2 of BZRB. Today, Tuesday the 14th of April 2015, is the day that Mortal Kombat X comes out, so I wanted to do this battle today. It's the Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider going skull to skull with Hanzo Hasashi, better known  as Scorpion. This wasn't the battle I had planned to start with, but I haven't gotten the verses from my guest rappers yet, (so I guess I should start pestering them more). I doubt that battle will be completed before I go on the mid season break, cause right now I'll really on be publishing the battles I've already finished each week on Tuesday because I don't have enough time to finish the others till I'm done with my exams and all shit going on around it. This will be done a few weeks after my mid season break, so I hope to not have a break that's too long. Speaking of the breaks, I'll also be starting a second rap battle series which I'll have an announcement for somewhere in that break, so you got that too look forward to. But enough talking about breaks, let's rap.


Giving credits where it's due, that awesome cover is created by SkeepTieel, thanks again mate <3 and the great title cards were created by Jella141.



Ghost Rider Title Card


Scorpion Title Card



Step to the Scorpion, you’ll get a Hellish Dismemberment

 After Ketch and Reyes, Blaze has simply become irrelevant

Spit hotter than the Inferno, mastered Hellfire Ninjitsu

Leave you with third degree burns over your entire tissue

Spit raps with a Fire Breath as I Raise Hell with Searing Blades

I bet Marvel’s other Johnny could bring me way hotter flames

You’re nothing but a shadow to me, call you Johnny Cage

You sold your soul to no avail, I bet that made you rage

I am busting this Ghost like I am busting these rhymes

I roast Riders to their last fibers! Vengeance will be mine!

Get the fuck over here, bitch! And listen to me closely

Burned you so hard I’ll earn a trophy for leaving you Toasty!

Ghost Rider

You want to step to Johnny Blaze? Well if that’s the case,

Let me get over there, I’ll spit these rhymes right in your face

Burn you with Hellfire flames as you gaze in my eyeholes

Penance Stare, feel the pain as your sins fry your damned soul

Not scared of ninjas, you’re compared to Disney princesses

You’re a rainbow pallet swap, nothing but a witless bitch

My power is limitless, only god can destroy me

You talk ‘bout my deal like you didn’t swear loyalty

To Quan Chi, the real murderer of your family

Safe yourself the humility of a fatality

And snap your own damn neck, before I give you a gut check

And teach you to respect me by leaving you truly wrecked


Prepare to learn the true meaning of Hell, cause it’s Scorpion’s turn

Prepare to suffer a Scorpion Sting, I’ll make you Crash and burn

Hotter flows than a Lava Pool, you can’t step to my Legacy

The love of your life became a plaything for your enemy

Let me Spear Slice you and finish it with a Boss Fatality

You’re powerless, it’s all that demon, just a technicality

And you gave him away not caring who you brought misery

Slap you with a Hand from Hell as I gain a Flawless Victory

Ghost Rider

You’re rapping like you’re the lowest level on the challenge tower

You’re like Tsang Shung, you totally ripped off my story and powers

You’re a wannabe who desperately needs to get his ass kicked

And that’s what Ghost Riders are for, you prick, so prepare to get ripped

You’ll get whipped with my chains, leave you forever feeling pain

I flow like my name was Rain, you are about to get slain again

Looks like this Kombatant has finally reached his Mortality

I’d call it a Fatality, but in actuality I ended you so savagely it’s a Brutality



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