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Yeah, Tuesday again, welcome to the newest BZRB. I want to thank Josef for the suggestion and for writing Miss Everdeen's verses. Lines in italics are said by Haymitch. I would also like to thank Skeep for the soon coming Itunes Cover. Okay, let's begin.






Katniss Everdeen


I volunteer to take the mic, so this dyke can take a hike

Feeling like I'm about to stick spikes right into your pikes

Going on a Hunger Strike, beat a wannabe Marth back to Ike

So the Tyke of Orleans against harsh rhymes is getting striked

An archer hits raps harder, garners more ardour than a martyr

Here's an armoured tartar but the Capitol charmer shoot sharper

Attached to a pyre, this female friar will be sure to Catch Fire

I'm a high flyer, it transpires compared to this liar I'm a live wire‏

Joan of Arc

Your lines don’t heat up the logs, but the heat in my lungs is fueled

You use a bow ‘cause you’re too much of a coward to duel

While I have a sword equipped to leave a bitch ripped in this conflict

Don’t get it twisted I’ll leave this misfit flattened like her district

You needed a Twilight love-triangle to choose your boo-boo

But the guy you chose now just wants to kill you (oooh)

When I take aim, I bring more pain than your Games

Some “Girl on Fire” you are, those are fake flames

You can’t burn me, you can’t even bring the heat

The only thing you volunteered for here is sheer defeat


You mock my boys because none want you, a virgin I'll be murdering

Serving Joan Stew, you'll be hurting and burning with mutts circling

I'm Districts saviour, tribute slayer, you got killed for your behaviour

Speaking to the air, I beat haters, in Hunger Games you lack flavour

Run back to mummy, you're a cross dresser betrayed by her country

So a chunky, sultry, sentry will be burned and soon be crunchy

Pray to the Lord, draw your sword, I'm adored and you're abhorred

Naught but a ward against the horde, until the king cut the chord

When we start, I'll beat a tart, till she has another Bleeding Heart

Before we depart let my mentor impart his art, that's it sweetheart

I've got the drive so take a dive, I promised my sister I'd survive

at the shrine to the high, disguised divine I leave one note, Stay Alive‏

Joan of Arc

And now you’re just an empty symbol, while others do the fighting

Your authors horrible writing should be the ones on fire, igniting

Shoot an arrow between my shoulder and neck, I won’t waver

I will still win the siege; The odds were never in your favor

I spit lyrical poison, so enjoy these white flowers

To hide the smell of decay; speaking of, you need a shower

You tried your best to fray, but now the Games have been played

Ready a cannon cause this bitch Katniss has just been slain

And the Mockingjay will Rue the day that she tried to mock Joan

Fuck those three fingers, you only need the middle one shown



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