Welcome to my latest BZRB. It's Disney Spacedude from Star-Wars Han Solo against Disney Spacedude from Marvel Peter Quill, who is better known as Star-Lord. I would like to thank SANTORYU99 for helping me thinking of some of the lines and finishing some of the rhymes.

Beat: Country Style
Quill vs Solo L4S

Thanks for the cover L4S


BreZ Rap BattleZ!

Han Solo!




Han Solo

Han shoots the first shot, takes the first verse and this battle’s first kill.

Good thing you brought your mask, cause I will burn you like Vader, Quill.

You’re not a threat, but it seems you’re dead set

On getting wrecked the same way as Boba Fett.

You’re just the leader of a crew of misfits.

I bet you couldn’t even beat R2D2, kid.

My lines are colder than the surface of Hoth

They’ll freeze the disgrace you call your balls off.

You’ll leave this battle feeling more alone than when your mommy died.

Filled with so much anger and rage, you wish you could join the Dark Side.


Set my element gun to fire cause I’m here to do some burning.

I’ll defeat you right here, the force may have a slight disturbing.

This battle will be your annihilation, prepare for conquest.

You got no content, which explains your comprising complex.

Leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy, We’re marvelously cosmic.

I’ll destroy you so call me Drax, and btw Leia has been reading my comics.

I’ll turn your Millenium Falcon into scraps. My father is the emperor of Spartax,

I’m from a royal pedigree, you better be wary, cause this outlaw is legendary.

Step in my territory and you my adversary will find yourself in a cemetery.

Let me call the Nova Corps, your terrible flow should be counted as a felony.

Han Solo

Those hopeless lines will get you Knowhere.

Your balls are like my last name, no pair.

Leave you like the emperor, dethroned

Chewie you up, you’re getting C3P-Owned

Your rhymes are as creative as the name of your ship: Ship.

Now make it quick, I’m taking ya whore Gamora for a trip.


Your disses are like shots fired by a stormtrooper, all misses.

I wonder how you even got into the smuggling business.

I’ll cut up your guts, make you wanna strut back to Jabba the Hutt

And start sucking his nuts just like Leia did when she was his slut.

You can’t beat my team, from Drax to Gamora to Groot to Quasar and Rocket, we all rock it.

You can’t Rebel Alliance against the fact that I won, this battle is done, Adam War-lock it.



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BreZ Rap BattleZ
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