Third off-season. It's Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch from the Fantastic Four against Dash Parr aka Dash from the Incredibles I wrote this one during massive writers block and was too lazy to come back to it afterwards. I would like to thank and credit Joe for helping me come up with some lines during my block. More words, you know the drill. It's time.






Johnny Storm

Do what you do and run away, little boy

Because I didn’t come to play, little boy

I’m as fantastic as Reed

Your real power isn’t speed

It’s your power to annoy.

You’re not incredible, you’re just Dash,

The miniature baby version of the Flash.

Who will find his brash ass in the trash

As my style flames on, burning you to ash.

You and victory, just simply do not mash.


I’m a speed machine who rules supreme.

You are the one who should run back to his team.

I flow like a surfer, I’ll straight up murder ya,

Send this arsonist to his Doom, come no further

Burning down buildings, doing damage by the truckload

I spit the ice cold disses, just call me Frozone

You and your skill simply are below Parr.

You can’t beat this MC star from Pixar.

You winning is problematic, since my rhymes win this automatically.

With you being a member, technically your team is the Fantastic Three.

Johnny Storm

Incrediboy is more incredible and less forgettable

And definitely less homosexual; You’re just expendable

I am always dependable and my dick is ever extendable,

While your genitals always stay the size of a grape.

My style is too hot, wherever you run, there is no escape.

You went down faster than a hero with a cape.


(Fast rapping)

The baddest kid from the baddest family spitting burns rapidly.

Running over MCs till they’re burned out is my specialty.

You simply can’t win, not even if Franklin warped reality.

You’re done within a blink, your disses are all misses, can’t hit the quickest.

You must be Mad if you Think you’ll walk away when this battle is finished.

You can’t be distinguished from your flow, since both have been extinguished.



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