Using Josh's rap battle for reference, here is a remake of Josh's battle involving two of the most popular drinks: Pepsi and Kool Aid, with their respective mascots, Pepsiman and Kool-Aid Man, facing off to see whose brand of drink is superior. And if you're reading this Josh, there are battles I can remake of, not remake all the time, so stop trying to ask me to recreate plenty of battles for you when there are others I can remake for you. I can't be your go-to poster guy either and let's just say homophobia is too much for me, hence why this remake of your battle has different disses on different actions.


Schwaa! Time to break the silence, 'cause this silver dude's 'bout to be re-thinkin'

'Bout the artificial ingredients and diabetes that juice fans never be drinkin'

I've a action figure and game to my name! Even Flo knows you're known to crash, sir

I mean, brick walls and buildings should've made this glass pitcher shatter!

With awful comics, a game and VHS, I'd say you're quite the sell-out

But achieving appearances on Family Guy? Guess your comedy doesn't spell it out

I'm saving the day with soda, judging by the police, law is something you can't withstand

So gather Mr. Clean and Mr. Planter, for this battle might be another loss in your hands

Kool-Aid Man

Oh yeah! Kool Aid crashin' in with bars to take out Slender-Man with almost no face

Don't talk about popularity when you're PepsiCo's biggest disgrace!

You seem one to talk about video games, since yours is hard every now and then

Why bother dissing me when you're attacked by Taco Man and the AVGN?

Your city's concerned about less of your namesake drink? You sure that's a right

When you're the one who took a old person's family's life?

Here's a tip when going out: don't try to blast anyone who refuses your cans (ha!)

Since last time I checked, Coke got more popular when delivered by a polar bear and Santa!


Saying "Oh yeah!" when crashing walls like your name's Randy Savage is your best feat?

I'm not the only blue-clad soda mascot you're up against, this time, to successfully leave you beat!

I've a beautiful lady, you're not the OG mascot when a smiling pitcher was the first for your brand

Here's a Mad Scien-Twist! A pitcher leading kids to his house got owned by...



Kool-Aid Man

I'm a hit to children! LeBron James had you ditched as Pepsi's mascot for their brand

And judging by that face, I'd say you're Silver Surfer meets Slender Man

Got plenty of favors while growing gigantic is your best feat? That's rich.

Perhaps you ain't the first unheathly soda in blue that I've beaten in a ditch.

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