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Lullaby, and good night, in the skies stars are bright.
May the moon's silvery beams bring you sweet dreams.

....what the fuck is wrong with me? Anyways guys, welcome back to another CvH bout. Yeeeeah, it's been longer than two weeks, almost a month since I've published my next rap battle instalment. The reason was because I've been busy with work, my girlfriend and other personal stuffs. Got time to watch Infinity War and I'm really keen to use Thanos in this series...who knows?

Also, the wave of guest writers is closer than we can think of, with the next battle being 50% done, but that's mostly cause of the other guy's writing. So there's a high chance that the following bout will appear next week, so that's cool.

Before we start I wanna say HUGE thanks to Leandro for doing the cover art, title cards and endslate and Night for fixing some of the lyrics.

Main antagonist from animated fantasy film Rise of the Guardians, Pitch Black, and main antagonist of the Nightmare on Elm Street series, Freddy Krueger, battle against each other to see who's the most devious creature at haunting children's dreams and turn them into nightmares.

Pitch Black Background: Pitch's Lair

Freddy Krueger Background: Elm Street, Springwood

Beat: Fake Friend


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Pitch Black titlecard
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Freddy Krueger titlecard


Pitch Black


Riding on my dark horse, the epitome of fear's coming forth

Facing this freak who's rocking a Christmas sweater from North

A sunstroked loser lost all Hope, being outcasted by his girl

This Kombatant thinks he's tough? He's Mortal in the real world!

You'll be dragged into an Abyss; your feeble claws can't harm me

I've seen scarier Wolverines coming from the Easter Bunny

My plans are truly morbid, while you're busy chasing Rick and Morty

I'd leave you now burned, but the gasoline did the job for me!

When Pitch puts fear in your sleep, better say your prayers

You'll lose your head harder than you did from that hockey player

Striking fear bigger than the beating you got from your dad

It's the end, Freddy's Dead; his chances to beat me are Pitched Black!

Freddy Krueger


How sweet! Dark meat! This supreme Demon will leave you creamed

Renowned as the Best Villain with Awards to make the audience Scream

When children begin the counting, cruel Krueger is on slaughter

Nature was harsh separating you from your daughter and her Mother!

Can't help yourself, fucker! Battling this Dream hunter was a mistake

You and that unicorn are as eerie as a shitty plate of Cupcakes!

Come to Freddy! I'll rip the Teeth of this Fairy and leave you slayed

Your fable ass will be tilted way harder than a pinball game!

You're living in my Shadow, this true Nightmare will end this hack

I dragged Sparrow to his death, while you couldn't beat your own Jack!

And as the bed bugs crawl into your skin, better grab your crucifix

You'll end up mute like Sandman, bitch! Welcome to rhyme time, Pitch!

Pitch Black


Darkness comes into my shifting, frightening kids with malice

This Slasher's farm house is nothing compared to my vile palace

I'm ready to slay Freddy and any rapping Fat Boy he brings

If you want me to spare you, best bow down to your Nightmare King!

Gonna show you and your Pizza Band who can be more crude

It's a sin that your nun mom had fun with way too many dudes

If I angered you, no gloves off, you'll be exposed to more pain

Such a shame fighting Boogeyman, you clearly don't got the brains!

Freddy Krueger


You don't impress me, Your Highness! This Krampus' below a jester

The only time you were well-known was when you were a failed wrestler

I'm a Warrior packing four blades, enough to end this calamity

Wanna Rise from your status, but your wrath can't bring back your family!

I'll beat this folklore creep if he dares to step into my Elm Street

Unleash my claws free and like your mansion I'll leave your soul sinked

I'll Skin this Cat, then leave you Frost-bitten just to torment ya

And when you see my children down in Hell, Tell 'Em Freddy Sent Ya! (HAHAHAHA!)



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