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Blooregard Q Kazoo vs Yakko Warner. Ccarbe6062 Rap Battles Season 2.

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends vs Animaniacs


poster and thumbnail made by Christopher Carbery

title cards made by TimeLord 103

written, edited and produced by Christopher Carbery

beat produced by Rosebone


Christopher Carbery as Bloo & Wakko Warner

TimeLord 103 as Yakko Warner & Mac

Derpiest Game Blast as Dot Warner



Actually, you can just call me Bloo, sir

When I’m done with this “Yakko”, he won’t say “Hello Nurse”

Battling this Bloo Superdude? I’d like to see you try

So go ahead! Drive me insane like you made Ralph lose his mind!

You think there’s some world according to you? I doubt that

There’s no doctor you could Scratchansniff with, you dirty rat

What kind of pathetic excuse do you need to say?

I think that beating you Mac and Bloo would finish you today


It’s time for me to take the stage against Foster’s Home

You’re just an illusion, tell that to any Russian drone

Second to Powerpuff Girls with those Teen Titans in your slacks

But for my brother and sister, we three got better comebacks

You never get your way, so you think anger gives you power

That’s why your “Imaginary Friends” felt worse every hour

And tell Herriman and Frankie I’m in for a Wilt hunting


Your life is just some popularity contest coming


That Network has ruined your Cartoon, someone call the police


‘Cause it sends some wrong messages with no sense of peace

Not sure who does paddleballs better, Q Kazoo or the Warner brother

I’ll drop that anvil on your head in front of Madame Foster


Sorry, I didn’t hear you. I thought Coco wanted to speak

Uh, Mac? What do you think about this doggy-monkey freak?


I don’t know about him. He never takes anything serious

Like Goo’s imagination, when he’s zany, it’s too hazardous!


Why bother to rehearse? Steven was wrong to create you

I can’t even stand you! Did you hold yourself back, too?

This means war, and no, I’m not talking Warners, son

Coming back just because you’re selling out? That’s just wrong

Lived for 99 episodes but you got cancelled so badly

No wish from Wakko adds up to your series finale

Don’t pack away the snacks, I don’t care why Yakko yaks

You should stay in the 90’s, ‘cause you belong in the past


Let’s review your character development, okay?

You and Terrence are dumb like Pinky and I’m smart like the Brain

And your Eduardo can’t even face Eds, like Double D and Eddy

I won’t wish everyone a good night this time. I hope they’re ready

Viewers don’t watch you anymore, they Wander Over Yonder

Your parade float got replaced by some Sesame Street monsters

Yakko, Wakko, & Dot:

Say goodbye to Bloo, everyone. Those are the facts!


‘Cause I’m sure your show has to end with Cheese coming back