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Earthworm Jim vs Buzz Lightyear. Ccarbe6062 Rap Battles Season 2.

Earthworm Jim vs Buzz Lightyear




poster and thumbnail made by Christopher Carbery

written, edited and produced by Christopher Carbery

beat produced by Cyrov


Christopher Carbery as Earthworm Jim

TimeLord 103 as Buzz Lightyear


Earthworm Jim:

Just because history always repeats itself, astronauts can’t be choosers

Therefore, let me show you who can be a better shooter

You are a Tin Toy in your Toy Story, and in the worst way I can think of

I’m not certain why you would simply try to play rough

And I cannot say that you got a “Friend in Me”

It’s not surprising you show up to have a cowboy rife with envy

Even Snoopy and Charlie Brown can do space better than your green men

This is what happens if he could diss me, but he just don’t know when

Buzz Lightyear:

For infinity and beyond will I have to chance to snap

into this Slim Jim James Jimmy James Jim rap

I just don’t get your moves, suit and weapons. They don’t make sense!

And those people who made your sequel have lost their heads

Tell me, what kind of a princess name is “What’s-her-name?”

Even your villains or your dog might just give someone mental pain

You’re a sad, strange little worm who cannot handle Zurg like I can

There’s none you got compared to Woody’s Roundup and Star Command

Earthworm Jim:

Play nice or eat dirt, space man. Don’t try to push me out the window

I will keep this fight GROOVY to have your lazer set to zero

And you lead with the Santa Clause to send Tim Allen to the Disney vault

I wouldn’t be surprised if your defeat is Rex’s fault

Buzz Lightyear:

Last time I checked, The Emperor’s New Groove had better slapstick

Keep that snot pack to yourself, you freak of nature! I don’t like your tricks!

You can’t even stop wasting your superhero schtick on TV

‘Cause I would take you down, but any cow might do that for me