Emmet Brickowski vs Mickey Mouse. Ccarbe6062 Rap Battles Season 1 finale.


poster made by Christopher Carbery
written, edited and produced by Christopher Carbery
beat produced by DIDKER Producer


Christopher Carbery as Mickey Mouse
TimeLord 103 as Emmet Brickowski


Mickey Mouse:
So I heard someone step in my clubhouse
I’m MC M.I.C.K.E.Y.! Welcome to the Mouse
You’re now in Disneyland, although this land ain’t your land
Lots of plastic toys, though your bricks are off your hand
Not sure what Minnie had to say about Lucy’s mind
But no Dimension of yours can take me from behind
You’re turning cowardly like your yellow color, Mr. Emmet
I always win in the end, who would care if you had it?

You say you always win? Please! Not when you’re facing the Special
At least I can entertain children better, that I can tell
I’m the big piece of brick heaven, you’re the main spawn of cartoon hell
What else can I say? You’re the BIGGER, bad Pete yourself
You’re only legend for rotting brains since the late 20’s, it’s true
So tell me, which company proves why toys are better than toons?
Compared to Oswald, you ain’t lucky. Where’s that rabbit, anyway?
I don’t care if you get mad like Donald Duck quacking in pain

Mickey Mouse:
Stopping motion with stop motion? Brain fart included
I’ll make you push daisies in front of Daisy, she’ll leave me to it
Hot Dog! This is not a Toy Story, it’s a dream come true
Rest in pieces, you’re done for! I’ve had enough of you

What’s wrong? Too childish to get through all that mean-spirited schtick?
I’d rather just sue you, but you would get away with it
LEGO is love and life, but not you. There’s too much racism and pride
Because of Walt Disney’s stepmom, no wonder being mean is your right

Mickey Mouse:
Keeping our mouths running, are we? Talk to the glove, son
I gotta “hand” it to you, perhaps Sora wants you gone

I will never fall easy from you if I break your Kingdom Heart
Mind if I picture you angry and abusive like it’s South Park?

Mickey Mouse:
Don’t know exactly how you would pretend to be my master
But your “double-decker couch?” Make that your choking hazard

Are you too Goofy to wake up and get off your Steamboat Willie?
Well, that’s called facing reality. We always have our sanity!

Mickey Mouse:
I got something else to say, so you better listen up
You can’t even face your company over a coffee cup
Don’t keep on smiling at me, time to wear a frown
Let every toon admit that I just took you down

Don’t bother being the Apprentice, there’s no such thing as magic
Being this my judgement day like Pluto’s? Talk about ironic
You just think you’ll own whatever you want like it’s peachy keen
But in the end, you’re but a demon straight out from the ink machine

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