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Peter Venkman vs Pac-Man. Ccarbe6062 Rap Battles Bonus Battle.

Ghostbusters vs Pac-Man




written, edited and produced by Christopher Carbery

beat produced by Beatg33kz


Derpiest Game Blast as Pac-Man

Christopher Carbery as Peter Venkman



Who you gonna call rather than some hopeless scientist?

I won’t need some Power Pellets to take down this narcissist

‘Cause there’s no reason for any chick to Peck like Walter, and

you can’t even sell out to Warner Brothers with some Marshmallow Man

That explains that you don’t ever have a crossover with Scooby-Doo

So I came out strong in the eighties before Slimer and you

I ain’t afraid of any ghost or your female reboot, no

What can your proton pack do against my arcade flow?

Nothing, that’s what! And just for you, there is no Afterlife

You wouldn’t dare to go inside my Pac-Man World if you try

There is no gate keeper here. “Are you the keymaster”, she said

Egon but not forgotten? Time to wake up the undead

Peter Venkman:

Back off, man. You’re a Pac job, man. Change your name to Lackey, man.

Try chomping on my rhymes like fruits and dots if you can

You went from old school to old news since you are no longer found

The world’s had enough with those Pixels and your annoying 8-bit sounds!

And you’re basic like your every maze, that’s how madness discovered itself

Even Ray should know your franchise don’t last as long as any power cell

Never thought about your “Ghostly Adventures.” I won’t put up with that

You’re good at eating ghosts, but can’t even get rid of your belly fat

I don’t think Winston would put up with your girl called Ms. Pac-Man

Take one step close to me and I’ll show you my Pac-Attack, man

Your hunger can’t chop down on all of my fans with more rhymes to bust

We came, we saw, we left your arcade game to bite the dust