Snapshot 1 (4-27-2020 7-26 PM)



poster made by Christopher Carbery
written and produced by Christopher Carbery
beat produced by YKSNØY


Derpiest Game-Blast as Juni Cortez

TimeLord 103 as Ron Stoppable


Juni Cortez:
Is this the new spy? No, it’s just a fighting nerd
I mean, does he once think he could find his life absurd?
If you don’t mind, you and Kim should get some better lives
And another thing, you barely even know your own rights
You’re the real Drakken, Ronald, not just some “monkey ninja”
It’s a Cruel Cruel World when our rhymes might tick ya
You could barely even beat the OSS, amigo
Don’t get all mad like Shego, let it all go

Ron Stoppable:
One unrelated question: What’s wrong with you?
I mean, you barely know about love. That’s a bad issue
Like your Netflix spinoff, your Mission here’s too Critical
Wade found your chance of winning: quite stereotypical
It’s enough to make you wish your sister was dead
since you two would just pick on each other forever
And I will not lose to this punching bag of a blockhead
whose immature enough to make some Giggles lose their temper

Juni Cortez:
No time for cheerleaders here, just stick to being a stalker
I shouldn’t have to be your rival like Bonnie Rockwalker
It’s Kim Possible for you, I’m Ron Stoppable, dude
You’re in my Isle of Dreams, my rhymes are almost too true
Do you have to get through me, or do you like to get out?
I’m at the Dementor flow that’ll spin your heads round
You’re only back to life from a DCOM flick
I’m not sure how you’ll monkey around like Monkey Fist did

Ron Stoppable:
You think R.A.L.P.H. can beat Rufus? You’re out of your mind!
It’s Game Over for you, but not in 3-D this time
You’re always “So the Drama” that I can barely deal with
But if Disney could own Shorts, TROUBLEMAKER FIXED!
At first, I think you could get along better, but oh well
I’ve seen better secret agents like Steve Carell
So what’s the sitch having All the Time in the World
If the only strength you have was from Sharkboy & Lavagirl?

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