Link to part I:

Yo yo

You guys see me rolling, you be hating,

You are all hating, on my greatness

I returned, to show you all what fake is

Back after all these years to learn you all the basics

You're all punks, that smell like skunks

Meanwhile I smoke black my longs

My dick is way way too long

Your sister begs me to put on a strap on

you gotta spit bro, straight from the soul m@n

Straight from your ballsack hanging between legs

You wack, my brother, we go chilling

We be bitching but we still be killing

I am the real deal, I'll make you all feel

How it feels to be beaten by the man of Steel

Yo, moved from LA to New York bitch

Now I'm gonna know what life in New York is

Part III Coming soon

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