Balrog (Street Fighter) vs Mike Tyson


Epic Rap Battles of Anything!



Mike Tyson



The Crazy Buffalo is here to end this battle fast!

I am here to make you Crash, call me Douglas!

My strength is too tough, you might need a shield!

Whatcha gonna do? Bite my ear like ya did to Holyfield?

I fought a gorilla and a wrestler and gave them a smack!

While you leveled down and fought wimps like Little Mac!

My fists’ diet include losers like you!

You fight like that woman you raped a long time ago, dude!

Mike Tyson

With my powerful right hand you will certainly fall.

They should call you ‘rog cuz' you got no balls!

You’ll be like Golota and be danerously injured.

Calm your big, bony head. Don’t get too V-Triggered!

I am better than anything you can possibly be.

Heck, you were originally named after me!

Good luck trying to survive this next round.

I’ll beat you faster than you ran Shadaloo to the ground!


Get up you wimp, I’m not through with you yet!

I will headbutt you and leave you for dead!

I will walk out of this ring drinkin’ some booze,

While you hear the announcer say: YOU LOSE!

Mike Tyson

Give it up man! Give it a rest!

You’re like my match with Golata, you bring no contest!

The chances of you leaving here alive

Is lesser than Arcade Mode in Street Fighter 5!


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