Woooow isnt this a surprise. I mean remember the 10th tourney? Probably wouldn't happen. Probably shouldn't happen either, it would be kind of sad. Like 8 people participating and most of them would be new ass wiki people no one knows. Plus fandom updated its look again and it sucks even more so yeah should probably stop. It feels nice that mine was the final one anyway. However, if you do feel an urge to write battles and explore your creative passion in this area, just do stuff like this. You don't need a tourney really to do this do you. People still vote and it will be still fun, I might challenge other people, even though its not in my plans right now. Might just write Pads vs Rae, why not. This is not really a return for either of us, I do battles as a definitive once in a while thing when I feel like it. However, that really shouldn't stop anyone who enjoys these things from enjoying them more even now.

Shoutout to Abon for being a good sport and delivering solid verses quickly, he's cool. I am amazed that we both restrained ourselves and I made 0 Brazil jokes and Abon only made like one very vague one so yeah, this aint Bantha mode. Spitting racial jokes with no basis for the sake of fun is good and all but idk I dont feel like doing that anymore, I now just want to spit "your bars suck" jokes with no basis for the sake of fun. Sometimes writing funnier bars wins over your opponents good disses, who knows.

Anyway, enjoy and vote in the comments as always. Deadline for voting stops on the 14th of June (Just realised that's also the release date of the new ERB, wow!)

Here's The Beat

Mortal5075: (00:13)

When we started this I don't know what I was expecting

I thought you respect me, kid, how you gonna dissect me

While your battles are a sleeper here's a reason to remember me

If you find battles therapeutic then I’m your shock therapy

I've read up your past stuff and with the bars that you got

This film school dropout needs to learn how to line up a shot

We know you're just an awkward nerdy lonely kid beneath the fun

Your pic's from PS1 cause your online persona is a BS one

I'm making Lucca my syka with a bazooka, raising tension

Put a hole behind this poser; Shawshank Redemption

And your daddy so quickly smashed your mum before he quit her

She's like your skill, not sure if he even had it in her

ABunchofNumbers: (00:47)

Care to tell if this fight was picked by Rae and Paddy too?

You a scrawny-ass mofo and two folks still had to carry you

Gave me a go as Thanos to make a movie royale profit

Now hand me that Oppenheimer pic, 'cause I blow up your projects

It took your ass three battles to refine your wack style fully

I've been big from the start like your first line for Kodi

You make two losses in one tourney, I make two semis

Man, I ball all over the net like I'm playing tennis

Drop the bad grammar for good rhymes before you try to spit a diss

Bet you had a better hold of your tongue during your first kiss

So come out to play, theatre geek, let's see you follow up this act

I'd tell you to break a leg, but looks like Amy took care of that

Mortal5075: (01:20)

Your first verse was like your childhood, it started off rough, bitch

Maybe don't take your own advice, that verse was shitpost enough, bitch

I'm tearing off, flow's very cold, be weary of this terror mode

Meanwhile a line from Numbers must mean that it's an error code

You're just set for disappointments with how you're living so far

The only thing that you lived up to was putting cringe in your bars

I'd ask to keep it a 500, but knowing you I shouldn't say that

Because this beatdown's like your loan, you can't rebuttal with a payback

Won a tourney so you thought you had the battles on lock

But that π's the only time that you'll be in the box

We were compared as the beginners, but I'm clearly much iller

Since those gifs are the only fucking time that your response is Killer

ABunchofNumbers: (01:53)

I see through your horror usage, you're just sucking up to Flats

All to get them to leave a comment? Look where this one's at

Your new strat's to pull shit from nowhere and hope it won't tank

Take a lesson from your own blogs and admit you're drawing blanks

Even school this host in shitposts, so you know Mort's got a problem

Check my feats, when I compete, I'm addicted on the ring: Gollum

But it's just my Gar-field, I'm the fat cat that you put cash on

And a communist bear ain't got nothing on my Red Baron

You blow your Social Justice with the black jokes you're been rapping

So when it comes to Warriors, I'd rather collab with the Captain

Fedor's getting used to falling thrice as I lay down these words

Match your losing streak to your movie list: Brazil's the third

Mortal5075: (02:26)

Were you reading your own battles before stepping in this fight?

Because it really feels like you were sniffing up a bunch of whites

And I invited you to shitposts cause in the ring you have a streak

Of having flow straight as a rainbow every day of the week

ABunchofNumbers: (02:37)

While you plug Freshy Kanal, pull the plug on what's neglected

Went to work with Dust 'cause your own work collects it

No amount of intricate flows could put you on the lead, though

At least we can't say it's dead when we rate Mortality zero

Mortal5075: (02:48)

Those are awkward hits, you really should've hid and stayed anonymous

Against this communist you're even awkward in being a socialist

ABunchofNumbers: (02:53)

You're a mad pussy if you thought you'd get mad pussy from Kitty

You can't ever hook up mate, stick to taking bait from CE

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