Yooo poggers FNaF and Danganronpa battle. The matchup is incredibly based which makes sense because its from Rae who is also incredibly based. The connection is that they kill for their deceased relatives and have an alternative identity in which they kill, they are overall both very similar and very different which is how you know its a v good matchup I think. FNaF is also a very good and overhated series and Afton is a very good character with good material. Korekiyo is also one of my favourite Danganronpa characters. Incredibly interesting as a person with lots of things about him and a great personality. Plus he's hot.

So yeah everything is here to make a great battle so like I'm hoping I deliver. I just publish battles whenever I want to, its not a thing of coming back I don't think, the wiki is incredibly lame and forgotten now, this is simply an archive blog type of thing.

Here is The Beat.

Enjoy :)

William Afton: (00:26)

Its 1AM, and now it seems there’s one more child that’s left to find.

I’m controlling the animatronics so in your sense I am your mastermind.

Up here we’ve got demented shit that you’ve never bear the sights of.

Because you couldn’t pass five nights of sleeping with your lights off.

They say you were whipped and abused by your sister but right now that miserable theory ends.

Cause when it comes to both sex and assault I think your voice actor got more experience.

You killed more than a dozen of friends for your sister but got no actual friends in the real world.

Seems that seesaw with Tenko is the closest you’ve come to riding with a girl, oh.

You’ve got nothing to show but cartoonish and goofy kills.

Our place has sent all you doofus high schoolers chills.

You stupid kid, your fandom’s a cesspool to put losers in.

So trash that you should’ve been thrown in the loony bin.

I’m truly sick but when you are slaying bodies.

You target cult chicks and feminazis.

So because of that I just gotta ask.

Are you hiding a neckbeard under that mask?

Korekiyo Shinguji: (01:08)

What kind of feuds did you learn for, guy? That wasn’t at all hurtful, guy.

Choked in that verse so bad it figures that they call you Purple Guy.

One thing that is for certain, guy, is that your views on life are bloated.

But now I’m like the suit that you’re stuck inside of: Locked and loaded.

Let us begin, it is Kiyo Shinguji.

Outfits on fleek like I'm dripping in gucci.

You must be a bit loony to pick on this fight.

Did they crush your head in with 83 bites?

You killed children and then no one knew? kekeke!

Then stuck their souls in the suits? kekeke!

But while Fazbear was loved, Springtrap was dumped.

Seems these kids scared more players than you! kekeke!

Your own son got less love than the bear suit that you kept around.

Despite the Rick Astley silhouette you gave him up and let him down.

So for the next brand new re-opening of the pizzeria you’ll be in.

Present the prototype of the robot wearing the husk of your dead son’s skin.

William Afton: (01:49)

The pain of losing your own child is something you can’t know at your age.

The biggest pain in your life was extremist rope bondage.

Cruel things can happen in our fate, but let’s see your current state.

A spirit talking incest killer: Paranorman Bates.

Get up your shitty classmates to solve this little mystery.

Because soon this anthropologist will be nothing but history.

How bout you Scrum Debate the fact that no one fucking wants you.

Since a corkscrew popping bottles is the only friend in Kork’s crew.

You really think that your body’s a vessel for your sister’s spirit and you’ve awestruck her?

Really you must have become a masochist because it’s the only way you’d ever fuck her!

That third stupid trial got fans angry and livid! Like the pot you were boiled in my rapping has been lit!

But I won’t pour salt on that little wound because your sister already did that to your spirit!

Korekiyo Shinguji: (02:28)

I'LL CRUSH YOUR MIND TO NOWT BUT DUST! "You better stop and breathe, Korekiyo"

HE MUST APOLOGIZE, HE MUST! "Let's make this psycho leave, Korekiyo"

“You still have me as family, Korekiyo” While all of his are gone, so what can he tell me

Even the Caged Child can’t resurrect his child caged in the Circus Baby!

“He cannot under your skin, Korekiyo” Well there’s no way that he will harm me!

Because with children mascot purple guys, I think I’d be more scared with Barney!

Let’s set a difference between you and me with where our time to shine was offered.

I set a killing spree in Chapter 3 while your Chapter 3’s quality was murdered!

FNaF hit its peak some years ago but hype since then has long toned down.

A carcass stuck in where he died, you are the Living Tombstone now.

Even the title that they named you in your crappy songs has passed on

To Korekiyo, The Man Behind the Slaughter of Will Afton.

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