I made a battle it is very serious I assure you

Papa John Schnatter, the pizza guy, vs Benito Mussolini, war guy

this battle has everything! a positive message! a relevant topic! even a sponsor! wow!

I had help from Bantha and Rae I think I don't remember it's 6:45am

Papa John:

It's me, Papa John, Imma Pizza Guy

I'm gonna cook you up, like a pizza pie!

I'll drop you harder than I drop hard Rs

And the NFL dropped me like I drop these bars

Beef with me? Please! You're just a Little Caeser!

My cold hard is many degrees beneath a frozen pizza!

I'm sweaty and greasier than my own cheesy pizzas

and you piss me off more than Kaepernick taking a knee does!

Don't fuck with me, Mussolini

Your teenie weenie's disgusting like my wife in a bikini

I'll opress this fascist like you did to Italians

and deliver your defeat faster than Captain Falcon

Benito Mussolini:

Mama mia! What the fuck is this!

You shouldn't fight me, you should copy the Swiss

You're such a loser, you must be a fan of Persona!

I really just wanted to fight Rocky Balboa!

But your pizzas make me feel sicker than my flows are

All you've done is talk about your pizzas so far

You cannot step to me! I am the Pizza Prime Minister

The amount that you consume will mean you're never getting thinner, sir

Now while I destroy you, I must now expose

That these verses have been sponsored by Domino's!

Are you tired of eating at Papa John's?

Do you need something else that you would like to feast upon?

Well look no further! Because M. Benito

Is here to recommend a new pizza, bro

So, head on down to the nearest Domino's

Cuz I got flows thicker than their pizza dough!

Papa John:

Come the fuck on man, your disses are trash!

Did you find them buried deep inside Hitler's ass?

I hate you and your group of Fascist chum chumps

The only man I trust is Papa John Trump! Yeah!

Trump is the guy, man there's nobody bigger!

and fuck Obama, I hate that fucking...

vote rigger

Hillary Clinton? She is just the worst!

I want to stuff Melania like I stuff stuffed crust!

Cus I hate the blacks and I hate the jews

And I probably hate gays and muslims too!

Running the fourth largest pizza place in the USA

And yet I can still make time for the KKK

Cus I'm Papa John and I don't give a fuck

ethnics want pizza? Then they're out of luck!

It says "All Lives Matter!" on the side of my truck

and Benito Mussolini sucks minoriteez nuts

Benito Mussolini:

Knock if off you weanie!

Don't be a meanie to Mussolini!

My disses are delectable like fettuccine! Or Tortelini!

Cus Il Duce'll kick this douche right in his little zucchini

You talk a lot of Schnatter man you need to cool down

All people are the same, if you're white, black or brown

it makes no difference, race is not a factor

Benito Mussolini says Black Lives Matter!

Whites are no better, if that's what you claim

I won't be done with you until you're Saying Her Name

All people are equal, I'll try to keep it concise

So I'll end this battle just by saying... trans rights!


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