Another ERB, this time only using one obscure anime character (albeit one from the same series as last time. The theme this time: Time Travelling Badasses: West vs East

The Terminator


Akemi Homura


The beat sounds a bit like the beat from 00:20- 00:40 in this



I expected a challenge when I was sent back on this mission

Instead I find a little girl with a heart condition[1]

Go back to your Homu-Home[2], and spend some time with your lesbian lover [3]

Because you won't be able to after I terminate your mother! [4]

I can survive anything your throw at me, just try and attack

Go ahead shoot me, cause just like Kyubey.... I'll be back![5]

Akemi Homura


Come at me, tin man, you don't scare me

I'll shoot your ass down in a hail of RPGs![6]

You may be a killing machine, but I've still got you outgunned

And if you're from the future you should know I already won!

I've got my ordnance locked onto your exact location,

I'm bout to drop a bigger bomb than Salvation! [7]

(Homura fires a barrage of missiles at the Terminator)



(Walks out of the flames, now a metallic endoskeleton)

I told you I'd be back, and I've got your in my laser sight

I'm impervious to your firepower, call me Walpurgis Night[8]

Your Goddess [9]won't save you now, so don't bother to pray

The end for you is nigh, this is your Judgement Day [10]

You cannot hide,

From my electronic eyes

Come fight with me if you want to die! [11]

Face it Homura, I already beat ya,

But I'll make your death quick, Hasta La Vista! [12]

Akemi Homura

Homura firepower

(Returns in a time warp)

I'm coming back in time, ready to bring the hurt

I bring an arsenal with me, you can't even bring your shirt![13]

I got a pocket fulla rockets and a battery of artillery[14]

You may be robotic superweapon, but I'm a one-woman military!

I'm bringin' the hate

With my Type 88,[15]

Rainin' down fire and sealing your fate.

Try to come back again, and you'll be annihilated,

This battle's over, consider yourself terminated!

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Lyric Meanings

  1. Before she got her powers, Homura was in hospital for a heart condition.
  2. Fan nickname for Akemi Homura's apartment, Homura's nickname "Homu-Homu"
  3. Homura is arguably implied to and widely portrayed by fans as having a lesbian interest in Madoka Kaname
  4. Basically how the Terminator tried to eliminate John Connor in the first movie.
  5. Kyubey, arguably the antagonist of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, is in Episode Ten shot by Homura with a handgun, only for him to come back to life seconds later. The "I'll be back" is one of the most famous quotes from the Terminator movies
  6. RPG- rocket propelled grenade, one of hte military weapons stolen and later used by Homura in the anime. Homura is capable of using her time manipulation powers to fire multiple rockets at once.
  7. A movies the fails to sell tickets is often referred to as a "box office bomb". Terminator Salvation, the most recent Terminator movie, is generally considered the worst.
  8. Walpurgis Night, or Walpurgisnacht is a powerful "witch" (monster in the Madoka anime) which proves resistant to all of Homura's weapons, even anti-ship missiles and hundreds of C-4 charges. The character Walpurgisnacht is itself named for a day in German culture ssociated with witchcraft.
  9. Madoka Kaname, Homura's best friend (and possibly love interest), literally attains godlike powers at the end of the anime.
  10. Obvious reference to Terminator: Judgement Day.
  11. A reversal of the famous line "Come with me if you want to live."
  12. Again, this one should be obvious
  13. Time travel in the Terminator universe can transport only the person and no other items, not even clothing.
  14. Homura has a pocket dimension to store her stolen weapons, including rocket launchers, mortars, and missile batteries
  15. Refers to the Type 88 land-based anti-ship missile, a missile used by the Japanese Self-Defense Force, which Homura steals from the JSDF and uses in the anime.
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