I'm 22 years old now, figured i'd do something a little different.

Rap Battles are returning, I got 12 ideas that will take way longer than a week to write cause ya know college and I really want to make these fun and do justice to who I research and write about. They'll start to come out in waves so the first 6 battles pre summer and the latter 6 in the winter and I hope y'all enjoy em. I dont have a fancy name for them like I used to, so I guess ill just call them:



  1. "Swords"
  2. Movements
  3. Then and Now Introducing
  4. Best Friends Man
  5. Conspiracy Webbed Up
  6. A remake/remaster that flows like water

7. Cereal Killer

8. Rangers we got a problem

9. History Repeating

10. Directly Involved

11. Zero 2 Hero

12. A proper sequel/conclusion

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