Epic rap battles of randomness Charlie magne vs Harley Quinn begin!

verse 1

charlie: hello Harley I'm the princess of hell a place we're you don't want to be in.

you will feel so swell at my hotel because my service is so neat that it will make you stop beating up Batman.

idk how long you've known joker but we don't know either why so you mean man I'm nice.

im just someone you wanna meet so I'll give you a seat at the happy hotel.

harley Quinn: oh hi there I'm here to tell you I don't want to be in a hotel made by the princess of hell.

your dad is the king of hell thats not well and inside of every demon is not a rainbow it's fire.

im sorry did I ruin that song well I'm not apologizing because this bitch just dissed you.

i must be hearing things because the princess of hell isnt not looking to well.

verse 2

charlie: I wish you didn't ruin that song it was good and I'll use it every time it's a joke.

ill crush like one of those yolks in the first episode not to bad except for the violence.

no one knows if your a clown or a jester please don't frown your both but not funny.

I'm sorry to pester you but I'm not gonna let you win I'm gonna win and I'll cure your sin.

harley Quinn: don't give me that cure your sin bullshit because I'll win and you'll be sad.

but don't be mad that I'll be bad with my puddin mr j or joker and your just the opposite evil your an anti villain.

and nothing won't compare to my other animated series with joker fighting Batman and your just someone who doesn't know how to be envious.

because I'm the opposite of you I'm a hero turned villain your a villain turned hero.

who won? Who's next? You decide on epic rap battles of randomness 

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