Rap Meanings

Joe Biden

Call me Diamond Joe Biden! I'm bringing your reign to an end!

(Joe Biden announces his presence with his "Diamond Joe" nickname)

When I murder these disses like you did to all your fans!

(Trump's management of the coronavirus led to thousands dead)

When they let this political virus politicise, ironic that Cain's the one that dies!

(Trump has been criticised for his politicisation of the virus, blaming Democrats and getting into disputes with Anthony Fauci. Herman Cain was a Trump supporter who died after getting infected by the coronavirus.)

We're sick of your lies, your Russian ties, right now your loss would suffice!

(Trump has lied frequently and has been suspected of colluding with Russia)

But then I'll trial and send you to prison like they did to your attorney!

(Michael Cohen, Trump's lawyer, was imprisoned for fraud)

You're a porn parody of a president, full of marlarkey when you Cum before the Stormy!

(Trump had an affair with porn actress Stormy Daniels)

You best step down by now, cause I'll beat you like a drum!

(Biden advises Trump to step down, "beat Trump like a drum" has been a repeated statement of Biden's)

Call me Disinfectant Joe Biden because I'm cleaning the White House of this scum!

(Trump suggested the use of disinfectant to combat the coronavirus)

Donald Trump

I rap stronger than the economy, your favourite president will keep on winning!

(Trump often brags about the economy and calls himself "your favourite president")

While Joe Hiden's in his basement! I'm not a man to be Animal Crossing!

(Trump has accused Joe Biden of avoiding attention and staying at home. The Biden campaign created a village in Animal Crossing)

You should have went with Bernie, old Obama is so tiring!

(Bernie Sanders was Biden's main opponent in the primaries)

Joe's such a bore even my hurricane response are more inspiring!

(Trump references his controversial hurricane responses)

I'm the job and people president, I will win this election!

(Trump says he will win)

While the only thing Joe will be winning is a presidential errection!

(Trump calls Biden a pervert)

Come November, the Democrat Party will be in embers and the liberals aghast!

(Trump says he will win)

As the Fake News headlines will read: "Sleepy Joe's Second Tragic Crash"!

(Biden's first wife and daughter were)

Abe Lincoln

Four score battles I've been in, and have not seen more outrageous!

(Lincoln barges in)

My party's turned to a fucking cult throwing kids into cages!

(The Trump Administration had been criticised for their handling of immigration)

Donald's a disgrace in to lose this race, a Roy Morgue should be your place!

(Trump endorsed Roy Moore in the Alabama senate election)

I'll drop my emancipation proclamation against your Twitter uppercase!

(Trump uses Twitter)

And another old white pervert? We'll have a better chance rerunning Hilla!

(Biden has been accused of sexual misbehaviour)

You're but an means to an end to turn the office back to vanilla!

(Lincoln states that Biden will be a mediocre president only great compared to Trump)

Here's an equal opportunity smack down in the sequel!

(Lincoln repeats his final lines in the 2016 battle)

That's of the people, (slaps Trump) by the people, (slaps Biden) for the people! EAGLE!

(Lincoln slaps Trump and Biden and leaves)

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