Epic rap battles of HISTRYO!!!

Donald TRUMP



Donald Trump:

It's the DJT, doin your mom

I will transform into a dog and then shit on the lawn!

Against wimps like you, I'll eat some Fruit by the Foot.

Your campaign's like Crash Bandicoot: crash and bandicoot

Think looting and violence will keep the MAGA movement quiet?

Well, you would be right, as I lost the election. FUCK

Why don't you step behind the gym? because i've got some crack.

We'll see how tough you are once i eat some snacks! Uh!

I'll shoot a hole through a couple mommies,

Bigger than the one I blew through your mom / mommy! Ugh!

Then I go and bone on your mommy! Ugh!

I'm gonna smash you, Joe, like your mommy!

I will burn down your home, because I like to commit arson,

I'm not a little girl's shoulders, so you can't touch this, CallMeCarson

You're a queer, inciting hysteria

You say I masturbate in America, because i masturbate in America!

Like with Hillary, you both like men

You're just Barack but white, so I guess that you win

Joe Biden:

The pain of losing 1v1s is something I have seen, *Sneezes*

So I know how you must have felt when you played against pikachu

Sex with women just ain't for you!

You should stick to having sex with men! FUCK YOU!

You're a dumbass ape! Nothing 'bout you is great

You geting elected was a great bait i rate 8/8

But you tapped into the rage of Smash 4 Bowser

Well let me tell you, Trump, black lives dont matter!

I really really like the police, I picked Chimchar for my playthrough of D&P

I am a communist, I am a socialist, I'm just an old ass man and i need to pee!

No matter what you try to say, Global warming is cancelled

And its getting pretty cold im gonna drink some Jack Daniels

I am sleepy, good night

good night, Donald Trump. Good night

Donald Trump:

The only thing getting tired on my crotch is your sister after a long night.

I'll keep America based, you'll unleash some unbased like Yoshi/sonic mains! Sad!

Ain't nothing gonna beat me! No ******, ******, ****, ******, TV

Meh, they cringed on me, now im walking out of DC looking cringeworthy

I would like a number 3 with extra beef

With a side of fries and a side of mac and cheese

Maybe teach your son a thing or two about Cloud Strife,

Like how his sword is really big and he is probably compensating for his really small penis

With you and your gay and your Autism and ADHD

You're looking like you were Neo from the ERB Wiki!

There was a Blue Wave, remember it, its coming!

It's like I tell 3 year old girls: stop running!

Joe Biden:

Jokes about pedophilia? That honestly is not cool,

I think your daddy would finally be proud of you: he had sex with your mom, too!

я не люблю черных людей? What's this malarkey? или женщины!!

Keep at it and you'll end up gay, hoss

I'll take you down like I'm me, and you're you! lol!

From all your wives to the STDs,

Everything you ever did, you just had some disease

'Cause you're too gay to even look like a straight man

You're the worst damn Republican since Ronald Reagan

But you scooped up a queer, homophobe Mike pence,

Have you ever had sex while camping? Its fucking intense!

200,000 deaths lying at your door,

I must say!! I dislike women they are all whores

Sometimes I can't tell if you're straight or gay!

JK! Haha you like to have some gay sex all day!

Truth is, I'm drinking some booze

Its time to head to the shoe closet to grab my shoes

T-t-t-t-this is the first time i'm stuttering in the rap,

And after this battle rap, i must take a quick fap.

you're a freeloader, change your name to Trump!

Wait your name is already Trump? I must take a quick dump!

I'm pulling out faster than I did with your mom!

I love haveing sex with your mom, I must say, its the bomb

WHO WON!!!! Whos next. YOU DECIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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