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Neil Blan, Amy Bury, Tom Walsh, and Ray Timmons as walkers

Cameo information
Birth name Varies (group cameo)
Nickname(s) Biters
First appearance October 8, 2003
The Walking Dead Issue #1 (comic series)
October 31, 2010
The Walking Dead (television series)
Physical description
Hair Varies (group cameo)
Eyes Varies (group cameo)
Based on
Walkers Based On.png
Appearance information
Appeared in Rick Grimes vs Walter White
During Both of Rick Grimes' verses
Walter White's second verse
Location(s) The Atlanta outskirts
The Albuquerque desert (only Ray Timmons' walker)

Multiple walkers made cameo appearances in Rick Grimes vs Walter White. They were portrayed by Neil Blan, Amy Bury, Tom Walsh, and Ray Timmons.

Information on the cameo

Walkers are the primary antagonist of the popular television show The Walking Dead. Walkers are bodies of deceased humans that have in some way been reanimated and move about. They, however, lack vital functions and most mental processes, and are therefore not considered to be alive. In most cases, they are depicted as mindless corpses with a desire to eat human flesh in order to survive.

In The Walking Dead, everyone carries a pathogen that can bring the dead back to life. After a person dies under any circumstances, the pathogen will reactivate parts of the brain that support necessary vital systems, and it will reanimate the corpse, thus making it a walker. However, walkers themselves carry a seperate strain of the pathogen which is transmitted by blood, and typically transferred via a bite. This causes an intense fever and shuts down the immune system, killing the infectee. Because only critical parts of the brain are activated, walkers are known to have no memory of their previous selves (only a physical resemblance remains) and do nothing but attack and eat the living. Although walkers don't form a real threat as individuals, they are especially dangerous when traveling in a large group or "herd". The only way to effectively kill a walker is by damaging its brain functions. As the walkers' cells are no longer supported by bodily processes, the bodies can be seen to decay further and further as the series progresses.

Appearance in the rap battle

The walkers initially appeared during Rick Grimes' first verse, slowing progressing towards him. Three of them were shot by Grimes near the end of his second verse. A fourth one came towards him, but he dodged it to let it attack Walter White, who distracted it by throwing a bag of meth. It is possible the walkers were attracted to Grimes and White from the sound of their rapping.


  • The walkers are the fourth cameos to be killed in-battle, after the urban ninjas, the mustached cowboys, and the pirates.
    • They are also the fourth group cameo to be killed in-battle.
      • However, not all of the group was killed, as Ray Timmons' walker appeared to have survived.
  • They attended the heroin joke's funeral in the behind the scenes video for the battle, where they sang "Amazing Grace".
  • Originally, it was Neil Blan's walker who chased after Walter White, as shown in the Behind the Scenes video, but in the official battle, it was Ray Timmons' walker.
  • Ray Timmons' walker is the eighth character to cross the "line" (the separation of the two backgrounds in a side-to-side scene) in a battle.
    • He is the second cameo to do so, after the mustached cowboys.