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Womp rat
Womp Rat Cameo.png
A Lego Minifigure as a womp rat
Cameo information
Birth name Varies
First appearance August 21, 2014
Star Wars: Commander
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Yellow
Based on
Womp Rat Based On.webp
Appearance information
Appeared in Harry Potter vs Luke Skywalker
During Harry Potter's first verse
Location(s) The Lars homestead

A womp rat made a cameo appearance in Harry Potter vs Luke Skywalker. It was portrayed by a Lego Minifigure.

Information on the cameo

Womp rats were creatures native to Tatooine, and were considered pests by local moisture farmers who hunted them for sport.

Appearance in the rap battle

A womp rat appeared behind Luke Skywalker during Harry Potter's first verse, during the line "Search your feelings: do you sense déjà vu?"