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Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman Title Card.png
Lilly Singh as Wonder Woman
Character information
Full name Princess Diana of Themyscira
Nickname(s) Wonder Woman
The Amazing Amazon
The Goddess of Truth
Diana Prince
First appearance December 1941
All Star Comics #8
Born Themyscira
Physical description
Hair Bluish black
Eyes Blue
Based on
Wonder Woman Based On.png
Rap battle information
Appeared in Wonder Woman vs Stevie Wonder
Vs Stevie Wonder
Release date November 28, 2016
Official vote(s) TBD
Location(s) A red background
Blue, white, and red stripes with stars
The invisible plane
Dark red and blue lights
The Brady Bunch title sequence
Cameo appearance
Wonder Woman Cameo The Joker vs Pennywise.png
Cameo information
Appeared In The Joker vs Pennywise
During The Joker's first verse
Location(s) A comic book

Gods made me out of clay, then they broke the mold!
— Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman battled Stevie Wonder in Wonder Woman vs Stevie Wonder. She also made a cameo appearance through reused footage in The Joker vs Pennywise. She was portrayed by Lilly Singh on both occasions.

Information on the rapper

Wonder Woman is a fictional superhero created by DC Comics. She is an Amazonian princess from Themyscira and the daughter of Zeus. As a result of winning a competition she was originally exempt from participating in, she is given a new uniform and the name "Wonder Woman." She then heads off to discover man's world, taking up the alias Diana Prince. Her main gear being her boomerang tiara, the Lasso of Truth, and her bullet-deflecting bracelets; she also owns an invisible plane. Wonder Woman would go on and face many foes including the Cheetah, Giganta, Ares, Maxwell Lord, and various others. She is also a core member of the Justice League, and is considered the third-most iconic DC character, after Superman and Batman, as well as the most recognizable female superhero in general. She was famously portrayed on television by Linda Carter and on film by Gal Gadot in the DC Extended Universe, starting with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Appearance in the rap battle (cameo)

She appeared alongside Batman and Superman in the Joker's first verse, during the line "I make the Justice League look like just a bunch of super schlubs!"


Verse 1:

Wonder Woman fly, I'm about to tell you why:

Princess Diana, but this lady don't die!

My rhymes are signed, sealed, and delivered on time!

You a bald has-been; I'm in my Amazon Prime!

I'll tell you what I say! You bit your style from Ray!

The grin and the shades and the king cobra head sway!

Gods made me out of clay, then they broke the mold!

I'm like Geena Davis, in a justice league of my own!

I just called to say that you need to ditch the hair beads!

Lookin' like the Predator after some chemotherapy!

But don't be scared, I let bats down easy,

So you don't gotta worry 'bout a thing, Little Stevie!

Verse 2:

Well, I'm a woman who wonders what you're thinking!

Some of your records make me wish you started drinking!

Even if I stick to the best selections,

Your YouTube videos raise some vision questions!

Verse 3:

Look, I don't wanna judge a Talking Book by its cover,

But of the vegan buffet, you're a Full-Time Lover

And a part-time father, from what I've discovered!

Nine different kids with five different mothers!

Scrapped lyrics and lyric ideas

Rhymes signed, sealed, delivered; they're fresh and on time!

I'll get this out the way: you stole your shit from Ray!

Some of your singles make me wish you started drinking!

It's the double W, looking so fly!

Worst thing about being blind, you can't see how hot I am

Those beaded dreadlocks fill me with dread,

That you'll smack me in the face with your ??? head!

If you get a call going, you'll talk my ear off

Making waves with your Frank Ocean comments

Tell you what I say, you stole your whole shit from Ray,

From his shades to his grin to his cobra head sway

Haven't written a braid joke yet - could I have an extension?

What's going on with your hair? I'm not certain.

It's like you're permanently walking through a beaded door curtain!

You look like the Predator on chemo

  • Harm this harmonica player
  • Small wonder/Little Stevie
  • Put up your dukes, sir
  • Superhero/superstition (Superwoman)


  • Part of Wonder Woman's line, "I just called to say that you need…", was leaked by Nice Peter during Lilly Singh's vlog.[1]
  • A preview of her was shown during the end slate of Ash Ketchum vs Charles Darwin.
  • She is the fourth DC Comics character to rap in an ERB, after Batman, Robin, and Superman.
    • This makes the DC Universe the first fictional universe or franchise to be represented by different characters on three different occasions in ERB.
  • She is the second fictional female rapper in an ERB, after Juliet Capulet.
  • Her title card has a blue shadow instead of a black one, like most other rappers.