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Season 5
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Wonder Woman vs Stevie Wonder
Wonder Woman vs Stevie Wonder
Battle information
Release date November 28, 2016
Number 67
Views 36M
Length 2:33
Previous Ash Ketchum vs Charles Darwin
Next Tony Hawk vs Wayne Gretzky
Beat Information
Beat(s) Money In My Truck
BPM 96
Beat producer(s) Hollywood Legend Productions & Jose "Choco" Reynoso
Other information
Actors Lilly Singh
Nice Peter (reused footage)
Rappers Wonder Woman in BattleStevie Wonder in Battle
Cameos Batman (reused footage)
Yolanda Simmons
Melody McCulley
Karen Millard Morris
Stevie Wonder's unidentified fourth partner
Tomeeka Robyn Bracy
Aisha Morris
Keita Morris
Mumtaz Morris
Sophia Morris
Kwame Morris
Kailand Morris
Mandla Kadjay Carl Stevland Morris
Zaiah Morris
Nia Morris
Location(s) Themyscira
"Love Light in Flight"
The invisible plane
The Brady Bunch title sequence

Wonder Woman vs Stevie Wonder is the sixty-seventh installment of Epic Rap Battles of History and the ninth episode of Season 5. It features Amazonian warrior princess and DC Comics superhero, Wonder Woman, rapping against blind musician and singer, Stevie Wonder. It was released on November 28th, 2016.



Lilly Singh as Wonder Woman

T-Pain as Stevie Wonder


Lilly Singh as Stevie Wonder's children, and Stevie Wonder's partners

Nice Peter as Batman (reused footage)


Wonder Woman:

Wonder Woman fly, I'm about to tell you why:

Princess Diana, but this lady don't die!

My rhymes are signed, sealed, and delivered on time!

You a bald has-been; I'm in my amazon prime!

I'll tell you what I say! You bit your style from Ray!

The grin and the shades and the King Cobra head sway!

Gods made me out of clay, then they broke the mold!

I'm like Gina Davis, in a justice league of my own!

I just called to say that you need to ditch the hair beads!

Lookin' like the Predator after some chemotherapy!

But don't be scared, I let bats down easy,

So you don't gotta worry 'bout a thing, Little Stevie!

Stevie Wonder:

I feel like this is the beginning, (ohhh!)

But you have sucked for a few thousand years!

(Hey!) I'm a man who comes from a higher ground,

(Hoo!) And I say DC is a whole step down!

I've been spitting out hits since both Fingertips,

So use the tip of your fingers and read my lips!

How you gonna talk about a bat being blind? (Why?)

You need to echo-relocate to the fourth of July

Because you're Ms. Independent, or at least you try,

But your first story is you, running off with a guy!

(Okay!) Now let me tell the truth 'cause I know you got the lasso!

You got that wack flow! Suffering Sappho!

I'm the ceremony master blaster with the bars,

And I got more Grammys than your panties got stars!

Wonder Woman:

Well, I'm a woman who wonders what you're thinking!

Some of your records make me wish you started drinking!

Even if I stick to the best selections,

Your YouTube videos raise some vision questions!

Stevie Wonder:

Your ignorant questions could never cause as much pain

As never knowing how stupid you look in your airplane!

You're a misguided, C minus on the Bechdel test joke,

And my worst song is better than your best TV show!

Wonder Woman:

Look, I don't wanna judge a Talking Book by its cover,

But of the vegan buffet, you're a Full-Time Lover

And a part-time father, from what I've discovered!

Nine different kids with five different mothers!

Stevie Wonder:

You couldn't walk in my shoes, so stick to your re-boots,

With plots so thin even I can see through!

It's not a superstition; I believe you got dissed!

Not even your tiara's coming back from this! (Yeah! Haha!)

Scrapped lyrics and lyric ideas

Wonder Woman:

Rhymes signed, sealed, delivered; they're fresh and on time!

I'll get this out the way: you stole your shit from Ray!

Some of your singles make me wish you started drinking!

It's the double W, looking so fly!

Worst thing about being blind, you can't see how hot I am

Those beaded dreadlocks fill me with dread,

That you'll smack me in the face with your ??? head!

If you get a call going, you'll talk my ear off

Making waves with your Frank Ocean comments

Tell you what I say, you stole your whole shit from Ray,

From his shades to his grin to his cobra head sway

Haven't written a braid joke yet - could I have an extension?

What's going on with your hair? I'm not certain.

It's like you're permanently walking through a beaded door curtain!

You look like the Predator on chemo

  • Harm this harmonica player
  • Small wonder/Little Stevie
  • Put up your dukes, sir
  • Superhero/superstition (Superwoman)

Stevie Wonder:

I'm a D, you're a C, you're a whole step down!

You got the stars and the stripes all up in your tailpiece!

You look bad; that's what the Superman tells me!

I stick to the truth 'cause I know you got the lasso!

I'm the ceremony master blaster with the rhymes,

And they're sealed and signed and delivered on time!

  • Bechdel test (You're gonna fail - you couldn't? pass?)
  • Amazon Prime
  • Double D's under your double W's
  • Plane? To me, E'THING is invisible!
  • Lass with a lasso
  • The wonder twins in your wonder bra
  • …you can't spot, like a cheetah
  • A whole step down from me: D.C.






  • The end credits include a special thanks to T-Pain for "inspiring ERBs since March 30, 2011," a nod to the battle that was released that day, Albert Einstein vs Stephen Hawking, and the autotune effect used by both Stephen Hawking in that battle and by T-Pain in many of his works.


  • During the line, "I'm like Geena Davis, in a justice league of my own!", Geena Davis is misspelled as "Gina Davis".
  • At 0:38, Lilly Singh's tattoo is visible on Wonder Woman's right wrist.
  • During some points in Stevie Wonder's verse, T-Pain's hand tattoos are visible.
  • During the line, "Even if I stick to the best selections," the upper part of Wonder Woman's right boot is keyed out with the green screen.
  • At 1:29, the bottom-left part of the screen glitches out for a split second.
  • During the line, "And a part time father", Wonder Woman says the word 'a' but it is omitted in the subtitles.

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